Best Cloud Web Hosting 2020 [90 DAY TESTED!]

Best Cloud Web Hosting 2020 [90 DAY TESTED!]

I FULLY Test Every Cloud Web Hosting Company For 90 Days. These Were My Results! Want the best web hosting for wordpress? Get A Discount Below!

My Results (Personal Opinion Based Off Speed, Price, and Uptime)

1. Namehero: (70% EXCLUSIVE Discount)

2.Liquid Web: ( Use Code Darrel35 for 3 Months 35% OFF)


4. Wp-Engine: ( Use code wpe3free for 10% OFF 3 months)

5. Kinsta

6. Cloudways

My Personal thoughts: i think the value you get from namehero is the best. I think if you are looking for cloud hosting, namehero is a great choice. However, it was not the fastest on this list. Yet when we compare these results, they are so close. Liquid web and wp-engine have BETTER speeds and also great customer service so it really depends on you. I would recommend all companies, but im a little bias against cloudways, i just expected a tad better from the,

In this video, i fully test ALL web hosting providers to bring you the best web hosting for your wordpress website! Hopefully by now you have enough information on what you need for switching to some of the best web hosting companies. Again i wish you the best and good luck with your new web hosting company!

You can learn more about hosting and wordpress on my website at

Best cloud web hosting

38 thoughts on “Best Cloud Web Hosting 2020 [90 DAY TESTED!]

  1. Hey party people! If you are looking for CLOUD web hosting, i ran a 90 test on these companies and share my results in this video. There is also exclusive discounts for everyone! Thumbs up for taking 3 months to make this test!

  2. Darrel.. nice video. But why you did not test Siteground cloud since from the beginning most developer recommend siteground as no1 webhosting. can you compare siteground, google and Amazon?

  3. Hey, my friend

    hostinger or namehero

    Which one of them would you recommend to me for woocommerce

    Note, hostinger have Arabic technical support, and this is important to me because my English is weak ^^“

    Thank you

  4. So far Nexcess (Liquid Web) support is lagging. I had a ticket open for 8 hours and still haven't heard from them :/

  5. I have confirmed with Namehero customer support and they told me that the plan you are saying cloud hosting here is actually shared hosting not cloud hosting

  6. great video been watching your videos for years, I been with siteground for over 3 years and few months back renews for another 3 years. NameHero stood out for me on this video, Siteground is shared with restriction and Namehero is cloud similar priced but cheaper. i was searching the web to compare the 2 some say they are tie and some say siteground is better. but isnt cloud by hero better than shared by siteground? I hope you make a video comparing the both Thank You

  7. You didn't mention anything about which companies offered CDNs or Staging sites. That should be factored into the higher priced services.

  8. The value provided by you content is really helpful brother! Always stay up🙌.. but please consider that we are here from different countries as me from India and i enjoy Siteground as best. So needed recommendation for hosting while serving indian audience.. Cheers! VB

  9. Kinsta doesn't have phone support on purpose and since I've worked as customer support manager for IT companies I absolutely agree with their reasoning.
    You won't get shit done on a phone. In most cases you need to share screenshots, send links etc and handling tech support on a phone is a nightmare.
    Secondly, while your agent is on a phone they can't really multitask which means they solve less cases at the end of the day.

    It took me a while to migrate some of my sites to Kinsta because I don't like their pricing model, but their high-quality support convinced me that they are one of the best out there.

    Here's why their support is better
    – They usually respond in less than 30 seconds in chat (In SiteGround it can take 10-15min, especially recently)
    – You get one of the tech guys on the chat, there's no need to be transferred (It's not like GoDaddy or Bluehost where every 2nd question goes to Tier 2 and you wait for hours)
    – Unless you ask something really obvious, they write a custom response that is understandable. (WP Engine often replies with FAQs and pre-written content even to complex questions)

    I still don't like their pricing model, but not having a phone support is actually a plus because then I know that their agents are not sitting on a call with some ranting customer, instead they are actually solving cases 🙂

  10. Cloudways is a Semi-Managed Cloud VPS platform, and not necessarily a Managed Cloud Solution like most of the others you provided.

    Additionally I believe NameHero's Cloud Hosting is more or less a Cloud Shared Hosting platform, and not a Managed Cloud WordPress Solution like Kinsta, Flywheel, WP-Engine, etc. Very different platform and not very comparable resources wise.

  11. I use Cloudways, love it. All of their add-ons and their admin area is great. Not sure how you say they are more expensive when most of the others were 2x or more in price. Also Cloudways tells you the exact size, RAM & Cores of all their servers, others do not do that so you have no idea what you are getting.

  12. Great video, thanks for the in depth testing! I haven't heard of Name Hero, will be testing them out for myself soon!

    My 2 cents is about CloudWays, personally I love the platform, clean, easy to use and super fast with great features! For me, I use Vultr which is only $11 (usd) per month, so about $17 (aud) and I host it on their Syndney Server (I'm Aussie if it's not obvious). And for that, I love it! However, I might move away from Aus hosting as I don't need it as much anymore. So Name Hero could be my switch! Thanks!

  13. Hey Man!
    Great Work again.I have learned web designing from you.Last Time i used shared hosting should I jump to cloud hosting since I m a non technical ?

  14. Please make a video on comparison of cloud vps hosting of interserver, vultr, linode, contabo, kamatera and digital Ocean…. Please suggest which is the best cloud vps hosting….. From this…

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