Best Free Helpdesk Ticket System - Freshdesk Setup Tutorial, How I Use It, Why You Should....

Best Free Helpdesk Ticket System – Freshdesk Setup Tutorial, How I Use It, Why You Should….

In this video, i’ll show you how I use the free Freshdesk plan to be more productive and more organized in my business. It is the single best tool I have started using this year.

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44 thoughts on “Best Free Helpdesk Ticket System – Freshdesk Setup Tutorial, How I Use It, Why You Should….

  1. This is a trial of the higher edition. I am curious if you think the free version (once the trial runs out) is adequate? Can it be used as a main help desk ticketing system? i believe the free version is called sprout.

  2. Great video, Adam, thanks! I have been using it for some time now and really like it, but my wife needs a helpdesk that is restricted to members of her website and not open to the general public. I have not figured out a way to put FreshDesk on the website in such a way that it is available for our members only. All I need is another site for the members to log into for help. Any ideas for that type of scenario? Keep up the great videos, they are very helpful!

  3. As this video is a few years old now, I’m interested to know if Adam is still using freshdesk? Are there any new services that have replaced this?

  4. I've watched 400 of your videos and just realized I wasn't subscribed. My bad dude. SMASHED the sub button for you. Keep up the good work!

  5. i use godaddy website email but i have some issue with it like there is only 3 CNAME DNS and still not working

  6. This is a great video. I have been experimenting with HESK for the past three months. I tried setting it up to send and retrieve email, but it seems to be broke or I don't know what I'm doing.

    I tried getting people to use the help desk so I could keep our conversations organized, but it turns them off.

    When I looked at the free alternatives, I quickly dismissed fresh desk because it was cloud and I would lose everything if it failed. Your video changed my thinking.

    Thank you. I will be testing it out very soon.

  7. Hey, I wanted to have in total 20 users like this below: So basically having 4 users for [email protected], 1 user for [email protected] and 3 users for [email protected] etc. I can get the professional email done from Cpanel but will I need to create FreshDesk account for all 20 users? Could you please write to me at [email protected] regarding this?
    abc –  [email protected]
    xyz- [email protected]
    abc – [email protected]
    gsy- [email protected]

    tsy – [email protected]
    trx – [email protected]
    ssd – [email protected]

    bbb – [email protected]
    ccc – [email protected]

    bbb – [email protected]
    bbs – [email protected]

    yyy – [email protected]

    www – [email protected]
    jjj- [email protected]

    ddd – [email protected]

    aaa – [email protected]
    kkk – [email protected]
    aaa – [email protected]

    bbb – [email protected]
    aaa- [email protected]

  8. i have configured successfully, But my question is when customer mail to my support email address i received its from freshdesk tickets options but why customers cant getting an automatic reply with ticket number?

  9. great video. love freshdesk, but can't figure out the syntax for my TXT record to verify ownership for my branded url. i've tried everything. i've got the CNAME up and its routing. thanks for your help.

    Name (key): “fsverification-<helpdesk>”  


  10. Hi Adam, thanks for the valuable video very appreciate. i have implement Fresh desk for one month but now become "limited access & account suspended" , agent access unable to sign in and create ticket.
    Please need your advice, Thank you very much.

  11. Hey Adam, love your video style. What app to you use to get the circle picture-in-picture video tutorial layout? Is it just a function of having a Mac, or can I do it on Windows?

  12. Nice video Adam! There are not a lot of videos on Freshdesk so this resource is a welcome find. A time index would make the video easier to navigate and better organized. Have you had experience with Basecamp? I'm a #freelance WordPress web designer and I'm considering Freshdesk as a way to streamline communication between me (my sole employee) and my clients. Do you think Freshdesk or Basecamp — or something else — would make the better option for my particular situation? Thanks. SUBSCRIBED.

  13. Adam, would you please consider doing a review of Awesome Support. Looks like a really amazing offering and a little more affordable for us, the little guys.

  14. Adam, how cool of you to make this for us. My entire support team is watching you daily. Speaking of "Watching You", I really like this format with you explaining and your image in top right. What application are you using to render this video. Thanks


  15. I am using Office 365, so I must use Outlook also. I have changed my TXTrecords to Office 365, can I use it parallel?

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