Best Free & Paid Elementor Template Packs for WordPress - Something For Everyone

Best Free & Paid Elementor Template Packs for WordPress – Something For Everyone

In this video, I will share the best free templates for Elementor and some of the best paid templates as well, if that interests you. Really though, the free ones are pretty awesome.

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28 thoughts on “Best Free & Paid Elementor Template Packs for WordPress – Something For Everyone

  1. I have 80$ in evato site after return avada theme ,what do you consider i can buy for my ecommerce site since evato decline to refund 🤔

  2. Hey Adam. This is Don. Another great video as always. I love your stuff brother. Keep them coming. I have a question. I have an idea for a website for my clients…that will enable them to Choose a website design from a pre-selected set of about 10 Templates to start (More will come late)…and My Company will build or should I say Customize their website with their content or dummy images etc. "HOW DO I" Create the SAME effect that the Elementor video that you just showed us…does when viewing potential templates to choose for a new website design. THe Scrolling complete page effect..and the ability to download a pre-selected Template DEMO…if I want to offer this website service for other web designers so that they can customize templates that I have personally created as well…and just add the clients content. I want to have a website that function with that same Elementor Elements functionality. Is this possible without a lot of coding knowledge? Or can I use plugin(s) and code snippets. PLease DM thanks again brother. I NEED THIS FUNCTIONALLY without having to spend $200+ for a plugin. I cannot afford that price point. Any workarounds? Let me know. Blessings-Don

  3. Forgive me for a seemingly ridiculous question… but you talk about Elementor in this video, but I watched a different video yesterday of yours and you promoted Thrive Architect. Reason? Is it that TA is more for marketing? Do you do phone consultations? (PLEASE?!!! lol … and if so how much $$) – I'm relaunching my website in a totally different direction focusing on marketing and classes. TOO many questions to ask in comments. OR… do you have a team that could do it for us for a price?

  4. Hello, great tutorial! I wanted to ask, what happens if you buy Elementor Pro for 1 website for just the first year, so you can build the website? Will the pages you've made disappear after the PRO features expire and you don't renew the product? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Adam, do you know if those the Envato Elements would work ok with woo commerce too?

  6. Hi Adam, I've watched a bunch of your videos and I want to thank you for doing them as they've really helped me quite a lot.

    I am about to start up my new website and am now planning on using the Astra theme, Elementor as my page builder and LearnDash for my online courses; I'm still not sure about my MMS but am presently leaning towards MemberPress. I am uncertain about whether to get Astra Pro or Elementor Pro (or both????), plus I also want to get them through your site to get your bonuses. I have a vague recollection of you (or someone else??) suggesting that LearnDash should be bought at the same time (as Elementor??) but I may be dreaming here…??? BTW, I have one new website that I will be running courses from very soon, and two more that my husband and I will be running courses from at a later time (perhaps between 2-6 months).

    So, basically can you please advise/recommend which combination of Astra/Elementor/LearnDash/MemberPress(?) would provide the best functionality & value for money? Thanks 😀

  7. Adam, thanks for the video. I am new to the world of developing a website. I started with Wix editor a year ago. I'm seriously contemplating switching to a website with wordpress features. I have viewed several of your tutorials, so I'm favoring elementor template, but I'm confused on the hosting Co.. Although, at the moment I can't afford all the nice packages you use, maybe in the future. Do you have any suggestions

  8. Hey I have a problem at the moment. I have created my elementor site, however I am using woocommerce too. I have created most pages will elementor, however, the woocommerce pages are not customisable. An example is the category page for my products. I click on suits for example and it takes me to a page, this is a page i can not edit with elementor and it makes the site much less professional and the pages, navigation bar etc do not match as all of this stuff has been made in elementor. Do you know a way to customise the woocommerce pages such as the category pages using elementor? At the moment its just using the theme and it's looking really ugly. Please help.

  9. hello,
    I am trying to create a website using evanto elements but it's showing the error given below, so can you please review and advise what is the problem in it
    "Envato Elements requires PHP version 5.6+, the plugin is currently NOT ACTIVE."

  10. Great video as always Adam. However, as someone mentioned earlier, I'm extremely concerned with Envato Elements' policy regarding copyright and tracking. Basically, they're saying as long as you use one of their templates in creating a design you CANNOT claim copyright for it and (in terms of tracking) they will track every site you use their templates to build. Not cool. Why even present this package to the public with all these strings attached? Hopefully, you will soon receive full clarity from their team.

  11. Hei Adam, I've been following your channel for some time but this video stroke a chord with me because the new version of Hestia got a cool new site library with 3 ready-made website designs (free): Online Shop, Energy Panels, Vet Center.
    The site demos rely on Elementor Page Builder and OrbitFox.
    I guess this is a better way to kick-start a new website.

  12. I'm creating my first website that has been ordered by a customer. My first "real" job. Your videos in the past 2 months just showed me more than I learned at uni & my first job. Lol. Thank you Adam! I love your videos, you made me to do websites as a hobby, and now I think I want to do this as a full time job. YOU ARE THE WP GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great video Adam!
    There is one that is somewhat under the radar : (free and paid).

  14. Adam what software do you use to make videos and show the screen you are talking about when reviewing something like Elementor? Love the videos by the way big fan of them 🙌🏻 keep them coming 👍🏻

  15. Adam, I've been trying to contact you for over a month with questions about the courses via the website contact form and via FaceBook, but no responses. What's a working way to get in touch with those questions? (I'm subscribed to the courses already.)

  16. Thanks Adam! Once again, great content and very useful information! I'll be taking a closer look at these.

  17. Nice review… i think Starting with blank page may bring out great work from the mind. Of course it requires loads of efforts and time….!!

  18. Hey Adam – thanks for the video. Just a heads-up – your Crocoblock link doesn't work in the description. You typed Crockoblocks accidentally. 🙂

  19. Why do I have a cringe about this offering from envato? All of a sudden there is a huge push from Elementor about this and I have received notifications from multiple video tuts producers about this as well in the last few days. Is there more to it than meet the eye…lol. How would that impact envato template developers and even envato overall bottom line? If there is anyone that stands to gain anything from this offering, it’s most like Elementor and not envato even though envato is collecting email addresses to market or upsell to later, but I doubt if that will translate much to sales, unless they are begining to see low patronage due to the mirage of page builders that have come out in recent times. BTW – while being appreciative of the these envato free Elementor templates, most are very basic design, so not sure a lot of people are going to be super excited about the templates.

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