Best Managed WordPress Hosting (2020)

Best Managed WordPress Hosting (2020)

Choosing the best web hosting for WordPress may be challenging 😥 Managed WP Hosting – Start 14-Day Free Trial

Managed WordPress hosting cost a few times more than shared hosting, however, they will help you save a lot of time and resources for managing most of the technical aspects of your website.

In this video, I will compare and analyze a few of the most famous managed WordPress hosting providers according to their pricing, features and website performances. The top managed WordPress hostings in our list are Kinsta, WPEngine, FlyWheel, and 10Web.

✅ You will learn the difference between shared hosting and managed hosting.
✅ I will walk you through the aspects that you need to consider when choosing your web host.
✅ You will learn the pros and cons of choosing each of the analyzed manage WordPress Hosting providers.
✅ You will understand which hosting provider is a great WordPress hosting option for you.
✅ You will finally decide for yourself whether or not managed WordPress hosting is something that you need.

00:50 What is Managed WordPress Hosting?
01:56 So Why Managed WordPress Hosting
06:30 Comparison of 4 different Managed WordPress Providers
07:15 Kinsta managed WordPress hosting review
10:10 WPEngine managed WordPress hosting review
12:40 FlyWheel managed WordPress hosting review
14:50 10Web managed WordPress hosting review
18:15 Kinsta Dashboard review
22:50 WPEngine Dashboard review
27:36 FlyWheel Dashboard review
31:00 10Web Dashboard review

➡️ Time to select your own best WordPress Hosting after our managed WordPress hostings’ review.

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  1. Well presented topic for techies that's filled with "eye-candy"! Kudos to #10web and glad we've found it!

  2. Hi just a quick question which website hosting sets would you say is the best out of Shopify, Wix, 10Web? I need help on which one to choose for my e-commerce business 😩

  3. Beautiful girl with beautiful web hosting . Thank you for your high speed web hosting . I am your new customer, I hope I will be very satisfied with your high speed web hosting 👏🤝

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