Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

In this video, I’ll show you how to choose a managed WordPress hosting company and the things to look out for. At the end, I will make some recommendations and explain why they are the best managed WordPress hosting services.

For more info on hosting services:
All recommendations
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8 types of hosting:

InMotion Hosting

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* SiteGround — (SAVE 60%)
* Cloudways — (SAVE 10%)
* A2Hosting — (SAVE 66%)
* NameHero — (SAVE 55%)

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28 thoughts on “Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

  1. HI SIR I am trying to start classified website. but wondering what hosting plan to use such as shared, VPS or managed. Thanks

  2. Hey, Adam-

    I just found out that SiteGround is no longer PCI Compliant. Does this make them unsuitable as an web host for an Ecommerce store?

  3. Hey
    Can u telll me that how i secure my managed wordpress site like ssl becz if i take certicate from anwhere thn how i upload becz of no cpanel in managed wordpress

  4. So does this mean that managed WordPress hosting is not shared hosting? As in, I have a dedicated server. I find your terminology confusing because I asked SiteGround and the other providers and they said it is indeed shared hosting. Shared hosting specifically designed for WordPress users.

  5. Something that needs to be pointed out is the IONODES limit. I’ve been with Siteground for 3 years now and very happy with them however, they have had to help me reduce my iodes when updraft plus backed up direct to my host and I went over my limit.

  6. Awesome tutorial as usual, thank you 😊. When looking to host websites for your customers, which resellers will you recommend?

  7. Just watched your Cloudways review video and now watched this video and saw Kinsta, WPE and FW prices, it seems Cloudways' prices are more attractive than those 3 hosts, plus it's cloud hosting which seems to be a better value than the 3, do you agree? You also mentioned those 3 hosts are more "worry-free" that's why we pay more. How does Cloudways fare compared to the 3 in the "worry-free" regard? Thank you.

  8. What about wpx?

    Also don't you have a comparison of the hosts based on load time X amount of concurrent visitors?

  9. Excellent video, Adam! I love how transparent you are with the TRUTH! I was one of those who was hit with SiteGround (SG) renewal sticker shock! I think they offer a good product and support. BUT their lack of transparency is disappointing. If I had known, I might have purchased multiple years instead of just one. I am still with them, because I just don't have the time to switch right now. Also, I did learn something new in your video about SG visitor caps. Not a problem yet, but good to know. Thanks, Adam. You're truly awesome!

  10. Hi – thanks for the info. Just wondering, for those who are WP based but are probably going to be getting higher traffic, what is the best option here? I cant afford VPS at the moment, and I am with GoDaddy (so very slow, hence I am looking to move!). I see SiteGround and A2 are generally given very favourable views, and the idea of having WP experts to help is appealing, but what if I am hitting higher traffic numbers….? thoughts?
    Thanks 🙂

  11. Nice Video! Thanks for sharing this information about WordPress hosting in an expressive way. WordPress hosting is typically built to optimized and meet the WordPress requirements in terms of security and preferences. KIIFF LLC is also known as managed WordPress hosting platform. We provide a secure and reliable hosting services to individuals and small businesses. We operates a private cloud with solid state drives, high availability bandwidth, and powerful Intel processors. To know more, Visit us.

  12. Okay I’m planning to change hosting service and I have to admit this is a head scratcher.

    While I appreciate this video I’ve looked at some other resources CNET, WP Beginners, etc and they all list BlueHost as #1 and typically HostGator not far behind.. They also mention InMotion, SiteGround, A2 as well but they are way down the list.

    So what gives? I’ve always understood BlueHost, HostGator etc as being second or even third tier hosting services. How/why are they getting these too level marks?

  13. inmotion really offers good prices when i compare with other providers, but i confused a bit. Is inmotion really fast as SiteGround?

  14. For a newbie trying to learn, why isn't Bluehost on your list? Just from what I'm seeing online they seem to be industry leaders.

  15. Great video! Is there such thing as managed woocommerce site? I wanted to always monitor if a product has been put offsite, or sold out..etc.

  16. Hey adam…
    Can you make a video on Cloudways platform… also kindly explain How to setup email add ons both mailbox configuration and transactional email configuration…

  17. Have you ever tried NameHero as I have heard they are very fast at a good price and they offer a ton of instructional videos to help you out?

  18. hi wpcrafter. I am your fan. so can you please let me know the video creator software like your video? what 's program did you use to create video ? please … ( your video is very beautiful )

  19. Hi, I have a question one of your videos I watched but I couldn't figure it out it was about stopping youtube requests on my site. this is the link to the video you spoke about the request. I can't use any of the page builders I have to do it manually. and I have no Idea how to do it. I have 0 knowledge with developing. I need some help on how to do this. My problem is I have a problem with the youtube videos slowing down my pages to like a 7 second load time and I need some help is there a plugin that can help my problem by lighting the youtube videos on my page it's adding so much weight. Google+ uses a clever technique for embedding YouTube videos – it just embeds the thumbnail image of a YouTube video and the actual video player is loaded only when the user manually clicks the thumbnail.

    YouTube thumbnail images are about 15 kB in size so we are able to reduce the byte size of web pages by 500+ kb. That’s huge! do you know how to do something like this with a plugin.

  20. Hi Adam
    First of all thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise. I appreciate it immensely. Your videos are outstanding, informative & easy to follow.

    Have you created a video on how to migrate from a local hosted wp site to a server ?

    Thank you in advance

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