Best Managed WordPress Hosting in 2020 For Business Owners and Developers

Best Managed WordPress Hosting in 2020 For Business Owners and Developers

There is no one-size-fits-all WordPress hosting, so I breakdown the 4 best hosting companies available in 2020 for you. I hope this helps you decide what is the best WordPress hosting for YOUR NEEDS.

As a side note, I am only talking about managed/shared hosting. Cloud-based hosting companies will be featured in an entirely different video.

Best for starting out – Siteground:
Best for simple freelancing – Flywheel:
Best high-tier “batteries included” – WPEngine:
Best high-tier scalable solution – Kinsta:

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20 thoughts on “Best Managed WordPress Hosting in 2020 For Business Owners and Developers

  1. I was on a consultation call with Kinsta and WP Engine today. Both hosting services seem fine but the main difference between them, at least for me, was how they are hosted. WP Engine's promoted hosting plans are all shared hosting with a huge price jump to dedicated servers. Kinsta has some kinda VPS/Cloud Hosting thing going with a lot more price friendly tiers. I'm not saying WP Engine is bad, I only think they are more focussed on bigger fish.

  2. This is really a very informative video as always. You can also find some good information at Thanks!

  3. Great video. My choices are 1)Siteground, 2)Hostinger 3)Cloudways 4)WP Engine and 5)Kinsta (in that order of increasing traffic.

  4. Siteground seems like a great starter managed host. I'm using GCP free tier, you get a free f1.micro server in 3 US regions, but you have to self host.

  5. What WordPress hosting would you recommend for a headless setup — i.e., WordPress as the backend, Gatsby as the front end?

  6. These are pretty pricey for what is essentially shared hosting. Yes they've got some nice developer tools but in my experience clients really don't care about that.

  7. Hi,whomever is reading this, I like to introduce you to a Site that is built around WordPress with a technical team there to help you.🔽

  8. Pantheon with lando. This provide really awesome experience. Even though they have high price and server configure limit.

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