Best Minecraft Server Hosts in 2020

Best Minecraft Server Hosts in 2020

Ready to start your own Minecraft server but don’t know where to host it? In today’s video, we will be looking at the best Minecraft Server Hosts in 2020.

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0:00 Welcome
0:28 Tests Performed
1:13 PebbleHost
3:45 GGServers
4:50 SkyNode (My Personal Favorite)

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My personal favorite Minecraft Server Host,
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Pebble Host:

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41 thoughts on “Best Minecraft Server Hosts in 2020

  1. hey im thinking of a server for me and my friends. I chose pebblehost, how many gigabytes of ram should I take? I'm thinking 1-10 players online at once. also, I'm probably gonna go budget so are they up 24/7?

  2. Hi I'm new to this and interested in getting my own server….if I wanted to do like 20-50 players on my server and have different types of worlds to play in like survival, creative, skyblock and have store site for ranks and other things which one do you recommend?

  3. I use minehut but after they deleted my server that I had played on for over a year I am looking for another option

  4. must I upload custom modpack to Pebblehost? because I'm working on my own modpack which will be on curse forge

  5. 04:35 , what happens when the server runs out of the ram ? Lets say i played on the server and filled the 2gb of ram, i then cannot play anymore? Or i cant build anymore ? What ?

  6. is also amazing for 6gb up servers. They have support that responds in under 5 minutes usually and they really care about their customers. The server is also AMAZING

  7. Is it possible to use a modpack like direwolf20 on skynode? And if you can which package is best to buy? (4-6 players)

  8. Hey Luke, I literally just got a skynode server for my wife and some friends. I'm trying to import a world they like and I have the seed number. How did you navigate to the import option? I can't find it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Awesome video btw!

  9. Now just searching around for a good hosting site so I can just play with a few people like less than 5, I live in Australia and Idk what I should choose.

  10. I am looking at the plans on skynode and it doesnt seem to let me select 1.8 i just wanna know before purchasing if i can select 1.8 later?

  11. Hi man just wondering are you able to change to creative and back to survival etc with any of these. Aprecciate if you wrote back

  12. i use apex hosting though im now planning to switch to skynode after watching this video. when you search up best minecraft server host on youtube you might find apex very easily, they sponsor a lot of people, at least as i know it. dont get me wrong they provide great servers, they are just hard to use. the interface is buggy and slow, doesn't look very nice. you often have to manually install plugins even though its in their plugin thingie in multicraft becasue it often wont insall.

  13. skynode is bad if u got the free plan its not 24/7 meanign they lied and you cant get any plugins. it is what it is

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