Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018 - Which Is The Best VPS Host?

Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018 – Which Is The Best VPS Host?

► Links to the VPS Hosting Services we listed in this video:

► 5. Fatcow –
► 4. Liquid Web –
► 3. iPage –
► 2. Hostgator –
► 1. NameCheap –

In this video, we listed the top 5 best VPS hosting services in the market in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and i tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more. If you have any other recommendations to add to this list, you can do so by leaving a comment down below.

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25 thoughts on “Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018 – Which Is The Best VPS Host?

  1. ► Links to the VPS Hosting Services we listed in this video:

    ► 5. Fatcow –
    ► 4. Liquid Web –
    ► 3. iPage –
    ► 2. Hostgator –
    ► 1. NameCheap –

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  4. Wow congrats on making 5 terrible suggestions! Anyone with any experience would have included, Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Amazon Ec2, Google Cloud Compute, etc. Hell even OVH is better than your recommendations.

  5. Thanks for sharing. NameCheap, Liquid Web and Fatcow are good providers and have affordable web hosting services and VPS server offfers. I found their offers in this website too.

  6. what about hostgator !!!! i saw a video showing the website is too slow to load,, same to their control panel,, is it true ?

  7. very very bad experience with IPAGE … they sucks … first they lied to me that they support and once purchased … they say no we are not windows based … (i have chat with me) … now i am facing html/css issue … css is not working with them … from last 1 hour i am on live chat right now … representative is getting disappear again and again for many many minutes … and i am hanging in the laptop … 🙁
    overall opinion about IPAGE ? I HATE IT …

  8. Well-web net offers amazingly-fast, reliable, offshore dedicated servers. Price from 1990 rub (its $35). Free setup Windows/Linux. They do have a very nice list of server features. I value great server and support, all at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Well-web net as your dedicated server provider. (More config on russia version)

  9. Well-Web net hosting support team are second to none! They've helped me on a number of occasions now from installing WordPress to adding additional domains to my hosting plan. VPS from 8$. Have many random subnet & FREE management VPS! I always receive a very quick resolution, usually less than 10 minutes. Thanks to everyone at Well-Web net, it's really appreciated and is the kind of service that will keep me as a customer for a long time!

  10. Useful information about VPS hosting services. I personally like FATCOW. Even it doesn't have modern site and cutting edge hosting technology. But, their plans are easy to understand, it can be easily understood by small business beginner web developers and it has standard hosting features. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Promising list of VPS Hosting Services, all of them are up to the mark, still, I prefer Hostgator, anyway thanks for sharing.

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