Best Web Hosting For Wordpress 2020  🔥90 DAY BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING🔥

Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020 90 DAY BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING

Get The Best Web Hosting For WordPress With This Best WordPress Hosting Test! I FULLY Test Every Web Hosting Company SPEED and DOWNTIME For 90 Days. These Were My Results!

0:00 Intro
00:02:25 – Web Hosting Companies To Avoid
00:04:43 – Average Web Hosting Companies
00:07:59 – Fast Web Hosting Companies

Here Are The Companies That Performed The BEST

1.Hostinger: (link+code darrel gives you 10% off ANY plan)
2.Namehero: (this link gives you 70% off)
3.Liquidweb: (code darrel35 gives you 35% OFF)
4. Wp-Engine: (link gives you 25% OFF ALL Plans)
5. KnownHost:
 (For KnownHost, I have a few selected discounts: DARREL – Provides 10% off: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed & Dedicated ServersDARREL4030 – Provides 40% off the Initial purchase, and 30% discount for life.DARREL60 – Provides 60% any WordPress hosting package)
7.WPX Hosting:

These next companies performed on AVERAGE, if you want to try them out go for it! (they are still good)
1. GreenGeeks:
2. FastComet:
3. Chemicloud:
4. GetFlywheel:

UPDATE :Web hosts that i tested that werent included in the video (I will be creating a blog post with screeenshots for all of the host)

DreamHost (BELOW AVERAGE ) 4.56 Page Speed and 56 minutes of Downtime
InterServer (AVERAGE) 2.90 Page Speed and 45 Minutes Of Downtime

In this video, i fully test ALL web hosting providers to bring you the best web hosting for your wordpress website! Hopefully by now you have enough information on what you need for switching to some of the best web hosting companies. Again i wish you the best and good luck with your new web hosting company! If you are using the hosts that suck, make sure to switch. cheap and best web hosting best web hosting for wordpress. This is the best web hosting video for the best web hosting for wordpress

47 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020 90 DAY BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING

  1. Hey party people! After a few months, I have narrowed some of the best web hosting down for you. I worked really hard on this vid, and did alot of dealing to bring you all some real good discounts. Let me know in the comments what your experience is with these web hosting companies. This vid took me 3 months to make! Make sure to SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON and lets get to 500 LIKES! UPDATE: I will be adding interserver and dreamhost to the results, they will be in the description soon

  2. Hi, i have purchased 48 months hostinger plan through your affiliated link and used your promo code. That wl be a cup of tea from our side

  3. hostagor is slow but u get a tone of storage, hostinger is VERY GOOD but damn, the storage is soooooooooooo PRICEY , so choose wisely

  4. this is the best hosting bluehosting the offer is big for all the person wants to build website with profersion way this is the link:

  5. the Liquidweb offical site looks real bad, like scam site….even offer a good deal, but their website is most ugly hosting site. …

  6. world best hoting site is an bluehost register and get world best service,only 2dollers for month

  7. Hi, great video! One question. For Hostinger now I see their Premium plan has ONLY 512MB RAM and Business Plan – 1GB. Isn't it very low compared to Namehero where they offer 3 and 4GB RAM ?

  8. You have choose hosting company to increase the speed, security, support, scalability, uptime of your blog.

    In my experience Greengeeks is the best hosting company I've been ever used.

    Here is the Greengeeks best offee link

  9. Hi Darrel, how are you? Thank you for the video!

    On Hostinger's website it says they're on Black Friday deals…but the price is actually higher then the ones you shows just a few months ago and the plans are also worse. Actually, your coupon code is giving a worse percentage discount as well. I wonder if you know something about it? Would you recommend wait until this 'fake black friday' ends or is it just that they are increasing the prices?

    Thanks again 🙂

  10. Ive been with hostinger like 6 weeks… and terrible… the support service.. the service at all… TERRIBLEEEE… since im with them, my site is down like 3 days per week and like for 4-5 hours per downtime…. i cant see the site like it is in all the browsers and systems… i mean.. when i see the site on my iphone for example, it is wrecked.. in other notebooks or desktops than mine.. the same… when i make changes on the wordpress it took me like 5-7 times to refresh so the changes can be seen on the site… the speed on my site is terrible and on wordpress as welll…. i already ask for my money refund becouse all of the servie at all.. TERRIBLEEEEEE.. they only send links for tutorials or send me to look in google… those where their solutions… now i am in this problem that dont know which hosting to choose…. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. This is really a very informative video as always. You can also find some good information at Thanks!

  12. I have been using Bluehost hosting. I got an outstanding experience. Now black Friday offer is going on. You can get 60 percent off on all hosting packages. For more details check this link

  13. I used siteground, after your recommendation. Now it’s time to renew ($498) and they aren’t budging on the price. I’m on the go geek plan.
    So I’m definitely switching 😊😊
    Thanks for this video, using your code too 😊

  14. Mate! You just saved my day. Right now Hostinger has a Black Friday Sale on (as of today 18th of November 2020) and with your Discount I could get a Premium Shared Hosting Plan for 4 (!) Years for only 81$ This is crazy. You are a legend 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  15. I have small question with Hostinger, I brought Hostinger for 48 month and It shows renewal charge is $2.99/month after my 4 year is over. but they increase it to $3.99 in one day, Now I have to pay more price after 48 month. they saying that it's just a marketing. real renewal price can be higher or lesser when that time. also It can be full amount

  16. This is seriously the best web hosting comparison on YouTube! Thank you so much! I will definitely be using your code/affiliate link for purchasing my plan 👏🏾

  17. Amazing video… Can you please make a video on Hostinger's cloud hosting plans?
    Like explaining how much traffic it can handle, it's speed, performance, scalability and discuss other features?
    It will be really beneficial.

  18. After you recommendation of Hostinger, I've purchased a business shared plan, unfortunate I'm not suggesting to anyone to use Hostinger, first no discount, because when you login not option for discount, so you're obliged to pay full amount, then I've bought an ssl and cloudfare, I recognized that the ssl is a let's encrypt which is free for illimitted domains in other providers, besides many issues like limit of upload of my backup of 2.8 go bites, I've used ftp to transfer it and not working too. And other errors of ssl activation, wp dashboard errors etc.
    So all that makes me to ask for refund today and I'm waiting for my money back.
    At the end I'm not recommending Hostinger for anyone. Go to wordpress forum and see what they're recommending based on the feedback of users.

  19. It's amazing to see a free guy who just says his opinion based on data. That is simply impossible nowadays. Thanks.

  20. Great video. Appreciate you doing this video. Can imagine aalllll the hours just to create the edits to the video. Thank you

  21. HI Darrel, thanks for this great video and recommendations !!! One question, did you test the Nixihost web hosting? How good it is? or is it not recommended? Thanks!

  22. Hi Darrel! It's very interesting the comparison you do on the video.
    I was looking at the Hostinger options and I have a question you might be able to answer: What's the different between the Web hosting plan and the WordPress plans?
    Do you think would be possible to get the Web Hosting plan, which is cheaper and then install WordPress?

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