37 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020 ( Exclusive Discounts )

  1. Hey Party People! Thanks for watching guys, let me know your experiences with some of these web hosting companies and good luck with your website!

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  4. THANK YOU for confirming it's high time to get away from InMotion. Took the recommendation from some random eBook to go with them and clearly should have entertained more options. I've had so much downtime over the last 2 years its ridiculous. Thankfully I wasn't really using my website in that time, but still… Ready to change!

  5. But which service did you test on Cloudways? I don’t think you mention it.
    I know you showed the expensive options but if you tested the cheapest then it’s 10 dollars isn’t it?

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  13. Siteground🤔 they've been great I'm just pissed I never read the 2nd year pricing I guess….400% increase I messaged them and used some covid pity for the first time ever and got a 10% discount na thanks lol that's just shady business but so popular with services!

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  15. Awesome Awesome Review!!!!! This was incredibly helpful! Thank you for putting so much into it, and I hope you have a good ROI on the 5K!

  16. While most people go with big companies when it comes to web hosting, I tried once an underrated web hosting company called Hosting11.com and that was it! Their prices seem too good to be true and their technical support is amazing, now whenever I look for a web host I look no further than Hosting11.com. Highly recommended! 🙂

  17. This was such a great review of products so THANK YOU. Do you have a review of hosting based on inclusions?

  18. Thanks for this video! If anybody looking for fast cloud web hosting for any website I can recommend www.hostola.org

  19. Thanks sir for sharing your ..your knowledge.. actually we need t buy for ecommerce websit n emails.which is better kindly suggest.

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