Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2021 (Comparison)

Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2021 (Comparison)

When it comes to the best web hosting for WordPress, it’s important to understand the similarities (and differences) you should expect for a WordPress web hosting provider.

Whether you want to create a new site or start blogging in 2021, this video will compare three web hosting companies for WordPress – and these are SiteGround, DreamHost, and Bluehost.

(SPOILER ALERT) I recommend using SiteGround, and you can check out their plans here:

There are several types of web hosting plans, but most beginners will choose a shared hosting plan because it is much cheaper than a dedicated hosting plan. The issue with shared hosting plans is that other websites will also be hosted on the same server as your website, so ensure that you’re not expecting to start an eCommerce store with thousands of customers trying to purchase products at the same time!

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3 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2021 (Comparison)

  1. What web hosting provider do you use? If you want to go for SiteGround, visit

  2. It's impossible to determine how good a web host is just on those crappy spec sheets they offer. I wish more would all have a default install they all use and all have the same testing guidelines. and load test… They hardly ever tell you if database servers, file servers or backups are all on the same server and how many iops they will give you if those services have to be moved over the network…. I've used a few large hosts where just a backup will basically take the server down.

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