👉 Best Web Hosting for Wordpress Bloggers 💥 10 Top Picks

Best Web Hosting for WordPress Bloggers 10 Top Picks

In this video, I take you through the top 10 best WordPress hosting companies for bloggers in 2021! You’ll learn the best and cheapest hosting platforms for your WordPress blog!
💥👇Best WordPress Hosting Companies👇💥

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Number 1 – Bluehost
01:52 Number 2 – Siteground
02:20 Number 3 – Hostinger
02:56 Number 4 – A2Hosting
03:25 Number 5 – Hostgator
03:47 Number 6 – Kinsta
04:10 Number 7 – NameCheap
04:27 Number 8 – Dreamhost
04:38 Number 9 – GreenGeeks
04:51 Recap & Outro


Best Web Hosting for WordPress Bloggers | 10 Top Picks transcribe below
Hey everyone Carson here and in today’s video, I am going to be taking you through the 10 best options for hosting for WordPress bloggers in 2021. Because blogging is a very popular niche on the internet. Still, it’s been popular for a long time. But currently, it’s only growing in popularity and new blogs are starting every single day. Now obviously, the reason being, of course, is that blogging can be a very good potential job if you put in some work and put in some effort into advertising and SEO, or search engine optimization. But because of that people are looking for the best website hosts. And today I figured I’d go ahead and take you through the top 10 best website hosts for a WordPress blogger in 2021. Now before we do get into this, just a reminder that I have the links in the description. So if you want to check these website hosting companies out, go ahead and head down to my link in the description where you can check them out and receive special discounts. And just one more reminder is that if you enjoy my content, remember to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell so you can be notified every single time I upload. And now let’s get right into the video. Now the number one website host for WordPress bloggers is bluehost.com. Bluehost is consistently at the top of my list for pretty much every website hosts on the platform. And there’s a reason for it. Because Bluehost is absolutely phenomenal. They have a ton of different plans, so they provide you the best deal for your requirement. So obviously, you’re not going to be paying more than you need. And their hosting services are great overall, it comes with a free SSL, a free website domain and stellar support, so you really can’t go wrong, especially because they start at under $3 a month. Now the second best website host for WordPress blogger specifically is probably going to be siteground. They have an uptime of four nines, which in case you’re not familiar, that means 99 point 99% uptime, and they have servers in the UK, the USA, Netherlands and single form. There aren’t many new or innovative features in siteground. But they are a really good host and they are definitely great for WordPress bloggers. Moving on to number three though we have hosting or hosting or is one of my all time favorite website hosts. And normally they would be number two on this list or even number one, but the reason I’ve put them slightly lower is because personally I feel like hosting really shines in the e commerce areas. And although they provide great support and great performance for WordPress bloggers as well, I feel like in this category, specifically siteground does do pretty well. But if you are looking for a very, very cheap and high performance website hosted website, go ahead and check out hosting here because they are fantastic. Coming in at number four though, is a to hosting, which is really a phenomenal company. I love the services which they offer. Although personally they don’t rank in my top three website hosting companies of all time. I do think a two hosting is a very good hosting company. for WordPress bloggers, their load time is honestly very impressive. And that is one benefit, especially for people who are getting into blogs, and don’t want to have their customers sitting around and risk losing them because of the slow load time. Moving on, we have number five hostgator. Now Hostgator is an industry leader. They are used all over the web. And they’re one of the biggest website hosting companies on the market. They’re really phenomenal. And their plans start at very cheap amounts, which is perfect for any WordPress blogger. They offer great uptime a free domain and free SSL certificates. Next up is kinsta. kinsta is a very good hosting platform.

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