Best Web Hosting Service For WordPress & Small Business In 2020

Best Web Hosting Service For WordPress & Small Business In 2020

The absolute BEST Web Hosting Service for WordPress & Small Business in 2020! In fact, I’ll show you how my recommended $5 option, outperforms my $90 web hosting service.

My honest opinion is that this is the best hosting option for small businesses in 2020. There simply is no need for horrible shared hosting or that expensive VPS or dedicated hosting. Trust me on this.

There is an awful amount of web hosting companies out there…

All of them promising you the best of the best… and while the purpose of this video isn’t to show you the best hosting for WordPress (even if it is), I will show you how a $5 per month server outperforms a $90 per month server.

Learn how to increase your website speed by over 200%:

The BEST WP Rocket Settings:

Save over $3000 per year with this Funnel Builder solution:

There are many web hosting reviews already on YouTube and so I won’t bore you with a 30min video about that. It’s been done to death.

Recommended Hosting:
Recommended Caching:
Free Website Optimisation Blueprint:


I set up 2 sites on 2 different web hosting services.

One on my $5 UpCloud hosting environment and another on my $90 Fastcomet VPS hosting.

1. Both sites run exactly the same free WordPress theme by Astra
2. Both sites have the free Elementor WordPress plugin installed
3. Both sites have the exact same plugins
4. No CDN on either
5. No Caching on either
6. The $5 site is hosted in the UK and the other in the USA

I hope this video puts things into perspective as to what type of web hosting for WordPress you can get without breaking the bank.

Because it really IS possible to get amazingly fast web hosting for WordPress and other projects on a tiny budget. And no, no shared hosting nonsense.




I rate the best Web Hosting Service For WordPress & Small Business In 2020 and I show you how my $5 Web Hosting BEATS my expensive $90 Hosting!

38 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting Service For WordPress & Small Business In 2020

  1. This guy is genuine. I know and have experienced many affiliate marketer pushing companies for commissions. Nobody wants to build trust and play ethical.

    Thanks mate. I likes your video on tubebuddy as well. It sucks for me as well

  2. I was expecting to find how to setup the Cloud hosting on UPCLOUD in you videos list , unfortunately theres no enough videos how to setup and to make the configuration for upcloud server ssl etc , and i found it a bit difficult to setup it

  3. Hello, I must say finally someone said it. I'm sick of fake crap lot of big names put out just look at Darrel's latest video… I have few questions about UpCloud, first time hearing about them. I had brief look over there setup and figured I would ask here as your already a user, can you use MariaDB? are you able to host multiple sites off the one server? do they provide backup service? do they have in-house smtp for server side emails or do we need use our own. There prob more questions, more or less I have around 200+ WordPress websites 90% eCommerce mix of clients and I'm always looking for better performance and cost effect servers. I currently use mix 5 different companies.

    Also thank you for doing a video that isn't loaded with bullshit and affiliate marketing.

  4. t seems to me that before buying a hosting for our enterprise we analyze the different offers that exist in the market. If we find a cheap one like this and that offers us the same services, the choice will be clear. People always think that what is expensive works best, and this is not always the case, since there are alternatives in the low-cost market that are really good. We only have to try this hosting to see if it gives us the speed we need for our webside.

  5. very very clear and detailed explanation about web hosting.i need this….more helpful for me….thanks for sharing.

  6. To be honest, i was searching about a web host service to make a change with the current one i´m still using and after watching these arguments, sounds as a pretty friendly service indeed. Thumb up!

  7. Thanks for this great video with lovely information. It has helped me a lot. I do like and enjoyed this cool video

  8. We must always inform ourselves very well when buying a hosting, I use bluehost and I have not had so far, thank you very much for your video

  9. I want to have a website and I had a lot of doubts about this topic, now thanks to your video I have cleared a lot of questions Thanks for sharing!

  10. Muy útil esta información de alojamiento y el costo del mismo, ofrece los mismos servicios que otras plataformas y con igual calidad, te doy las gracias por compartir.

  11. Really awesome and brilliant video about the best web hosting service for WordPress. Explained so clearly, these tips are super important and so useful. Thank you for giving us this video.

  12. I really appreciate you share this video to us .This what Im looking for a webhost that suitable my budget .Thank you so much my friend🙂

  13. I really needed a best web hosting service nowadays, this information will help me to buy the best and cheapest. Thanks

  14. Great video, Really awesome info on hosting. I would love to see a video on setting the hosting up. Anyways like I said great video.

  15. This video is really educational to me and shows me how a $ 5 a month server outweighs the more expensive competition. thank you

  16. Well..nice vedio dude. i use vps vutlr with 5 $ So mutch eseay then cloud shared hosting with 100$. Keep on

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