Best WordPress Hosting? | Bluehost vs. SiteGround vs. DreamHost COMPARED

Best WordPress Hosting? | Bluehost vs. SiteGround vs. DreamHost COMPARED

What is the best WordPress hosting? I’m breaking down the recommended web hosts with Bluehost vs. SiteGround vs. DreamHost.


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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Bluehost
6:31 – SiteGround
9:26 – DreamHost
12:48 – Conclusion
13:51 – What about other web hosts?
14:32 – Outro

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21 thoughts on “Best WordPress Hosting? | Bluehost vs. SiteGround vs. DreamHost COMPARED

  1. I've been with Bluehost since 2006 (!) and am looking to change after a series of truly awful phone support calls in 2020. They haven't updated my interface (I'm somehow on an old version they keep saying they'll update). One rep even lied to me about there being a Bluehost email for customer service complaints — and I wasn't even asking for them, I made it clear it was for a previous rep I had a bad issue with. SO BAD Y'ALL. Don't do it

  2. Thanks for uploading this follow up video, was concerned about SiteGound but could see they made a complete overhaul since your last video on the topic

  3. Personally, I find Bluehost cheaper than most. I was actually using it for a while before I decide to move to Cloudways. Just takes care of all my problems. It's too easy.

  4. Stand point but you only get two gigabytes of data I'm new to this kind of technology and I was looking for vpns free and y'all I watched several videos by several people and seems like protons coming up number if anybody else on your channel wants to pop up and say something I'm very very interested you know and I appreciate you putting the VPN thing up there for me to look at thank you

  5. Great presentations and tutorials! Question: Have you ever looked into HTML-based, whatever that means. They combine hosting, design and email marketing into one place, and also host WP.

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  7. Good job and well done, I will start with Squarespace for my online store thanks to your nice pieces of information.

  8. When I used SiteGround Geek plan a few years ago (twice) I kept hitting problems with running emails through the few sites, the IMAP collecting from each person's devices/computers would hit limits (inode or somesuch?) and that would crash sites out as too many processes would be running. They don't mention it on their sales pages but the detail was buried in the T&Cs. In the end, even after trying their VPS, they really failed me badly and I swore I'd never go back. Running loads of people's email accounts through alternative services was/is not really an option I or my clients can afford and it's an extra complication to set up, so via the hosting is preferred. Any experience on this issue with any of the hosting services?

  9. Can you make a video about your YouTube studio setup? What stuff you have camera, light etc. I'm pretty sure a lot of people interested to buy stuff for their zoom calls etc that the stream looks better

  10. Are you now using cloudways anymore? I was trying to register an account with your link but they wanted a full verification that I send a passport copy without censored parts and stuff so I decided to get the VPS somewhere else

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