Best Wordpress Hosting for 2020 🚀 | Dab Hand Marketing

Best WordPress Hosting for 2020 | Dab Hand Marketing

If you’re on the quest to find the best WordPress Hosting for 2020 – you’re in the right place. Wordpress hosting is a tricky topic – and choosing a bad host can leave you with a sluggish website that loses potential leads and sales.

This is a video review on the best WordPress hosting for 2020, brought to you by Harry Lang (the founder of Dab Hand Marketing)

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*Shared Hosts*
Krystal: 02:45
Siteground: 04:11
Other Shared: 05:30

*Unmanaged VPS Hosting*
Digital Ocean: 06:26
Google Cloud: 07:59

*Managed VPS Hosting*
Closte: 09:55
SpinupWP: 11:20
More: 13:49
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