In this in-depth WordPress Hosting Guide for 2019 I’ve fully tested 10 different hosting setups to find out which one is the best WordPress hosting. I’ve been testing with a fully developed Woocommerce enabled website to really put the servers through their paces. To enable you to make an informed decision I also tested out two VPS servers and the managed WordPress solution from WP Engine.

Full Guide with all the performance figures:

The links below are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links or promo code, at no cost to you.

Hosting Companies Featured:

Siteground: – (70% off!)
A2 Hosting: – (51% off!)
Fastcomet: – (Free domain name!)
Hostgator: – (Use code EAGLE30 for a special discount!)
WP Engine:
MDD Hosting:

Performance Testing Plugin:

Make an Amazon Affiliate website like –

Video Timings:

02:58 – How I tested the WordPress hosting
06:23 – Best Overall WordPress Hosting Company
07:54 – Best Performance WordPress Hosting Company
10:01 – Best Value WordPress Hosting Company
11:41 – WordPress Hosting Company with the Best Support
14:01 – WordPress Hosting Companies to Avoid
15:11 – The other shared hosting companies I tested (the losers)
16:18 – Other types of WordPress hosting (WP Engine & VPS)

Good luck choosing the Best WordPress Hosting for you!

Affiliate Disclosure: Please be aware that any links of coupon codes you use from within this guide maybe affiliate. This means I will receive a small commission if you use them. If you do, THANK YOU!


  1. Hope this helps you find a great host for your next WordPress project. Remember you can find all the comparison tables and more here:

  2. great insights Alex .. where do you get yor domain from pls also when you buy domain do you buy on single email or different project based emails for multiple projects on future sell considerations pls.

  3. Hey gracias no sabía que funcionaba así, a mí también me gustó este post que me ayudó a entender mejor:

  4. Thanks for the Great Video Alex👍. I have just used your link to get wait for it…………… SITEGROUND! Quick question, what security plug-ins do you recommend for the affiliate sites?

  5. I started out with Siteground last year, based on my own research, but I changed after about a month because I determined that it was causing a conflict that would not allow me to successfully incorporate Rich Pins into my website. I was never able to get Pinterest or Siteground to confirm or help with this issue, but as soon as I changed hosting I was immediately able to validate my site. Thank you for taking the time and having the patience to complete all of this testing!

  6. Thanks for the very informative video. There is something that confuses me, it is between the minute 7:25 – 7:50 of the video. You said that that A2 hosting is in second place because it is more expensive than SiteGround. I was comparing their prices, especially the regular price and I see that it is the other way around (screenshot: ) Can you clarify before I decide which one to chose?

  7. Purchasing a basic plan and putting a woo-commerce site on it isn't really the most effective way to run a review. You really shouldn't be running a ecommerce site on a basic host. Maybe you get away with a blog, but sounds to me like trouble waiting to happen.

  8. man, I clicked on your bluehost link and it actually costs more than if I were to go directly to bluehost and register there.

  9. hi, i am creating a website for a new shop (womans clothing boutique) using one of your older vidoes "how to make an ecommerce website using wordpress & woocommerce" i was wondering is the hosting you advise on this video (tsohosting) still a good host to use as the video is very old? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. GetLark is one of the best hosting solutions for WordPress. For 14 days for free. The package includes free SSL, automatic installer WordPress (automatic updates), SSD and LiteSpeed.

  11. Very timely Alex as I am fed up with my current hosting ( I will use your affiliate link when I change.

  12. Thanks for a great review. Very informative and useful going forward. I had noticed from your more recent WP videos that you no longer mention TSOHost and in this video they don't even get a review. I signed up with them in 2015 after reviewing one of your site building video's, although I have been getting a little frustrated with their speed and reliability issues lately, so wondered if you'd had the same?

  13. Thank you so much for doing a thorough comparison! And the affiliate discounts are much appreciated. I love your videos and am so grateful for all the info. 🙂

  14. Been using Siteground for a while and will completely attest to these reviews. Siteground offer excellent speed and customer support. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Best hosting by far I think.

  15. I recently moved from blue host to site ground. I'm still having tons of speed problems, but I don't think they are related to the host, and my speeds definitely increased after making the switch. The customer support and interface has also been really good, and I like the cloud flare integration and other speed tools. Great video. Thanks for confirming what I thought I already knew.

  16. How strange that Siteground should come out on top. A few months ago in the chat when hosting was being discussed I said that I was using Siteground and found them really good and would recommend them you were very dismissive of them and continued to tell those looking for hosting to use Hostgator because they were the best hosts out there.

  17. Siteground support good but beware of renewal prices and cost of SSL certificates on renewal. Have transferred to WPX hosting who also have excellent customer services and free SSL and domain privacy for free for time you are with them.

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