Best WordPress Hosting Providers - You've Probably Been LIED To [2020]

Best WordPress Hosting Providers – You've Probably Been LIED To [2020]

Almost every company claims that they’re the best WordPress hosting provider. However, what’s the reality? Is every WordPress hosting the same and what do you need to know before buying.
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If you’re watching this video chances are you’re looking to host a WordPress website. And you want to know which web hosting providers are best for WordPress? Well, I can certainly tell you that THERE ARE A LOT of lies when it comes to web hosting companies advertising their WordPress hosting plans. In most cases, they just sell you same old regular web hosting plans just renamed “WordPress Hosting” or “WordPress Optimized Hosting”. However, there are special server configurations that will make your WordPress website faster. So, in this video I’ll be covering what do you need to look for when choosing the best WordPress hosting and which companies I recommend you choose.

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – What Makes WordPress Faster?
2:50 – Hostinger Performance & Overview
6:46 – SiteGround Performance Tests & Features
9:53 – A2Hosting Overview
12:30 – Bluehost, are the actually bad in 2020?
What Makes WordPress Hosting Fast?

I’ve always said that configuration matter more than raw specs. And when choosing the best WordPress hosting provider you should keep that in mind. It doesn’t really matter how much GB of disk space, domain names or GB of bandwidth you get. It mostly boils down to how their servers are configured and do they have custom software that they give out to users?

What you should be looking at is:
– Do they use Litespeed, Apache or NGINX technology.
– Do they offer a native database caching solution.
– Are they offering the latest PHP version or HTTP/2.

I mention Hostinger a lot on this channel just because I feel like they’re offering the best price and performance ratio on the market right now. Hostinger has 2 out of the 3 necessary optimizations to make your WordPress plans faster. And they come with the incredibly low $0.89/month price tag. All that while having easy WordPress management and installation tools and 24/7 support? They’re an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to create a WordPress website. Be prepared to run into issues here and there.

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SiteGround is one of the few hosting companies that offer TRUE WordPress optimized plans. They tick all 3 boxes, and they recently even moved part of their infrastructure to Google Cloud to increase speed even further. SiteGround is always on the lookout to increase their performance for users while keeping the control panel relatively simple.

SiteGround isn’t a cheap product, they come a premium price (especially when it’s time to renew your plan, the price will jump up 4x). But you get what you pay for and in this case – you get the best possible performance, great interface, decent-ish support (this one thing kinda sucks about them).

I recommend SiteGround if you don’t really have a “budget” you just want something that works, and works well.

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A2 Hosting

The previous king of speed still have their throne, but the price you have to pay for that speed is quite high. A2 Hosting doesn’t offer anything exceptional, but besides all 3 required optimizations and MORE they offer cPanel controls. I know some people are used to cPanel and don’t want to switch. That’s why I included A2 Hosting as the best web hosting for WordPress option.

I personally really like A2 Hosting, and if you want the best experience while having cPanel. I definitely recommend them.

Get A2 Hosting –

Finally, the most talked about and best reviewed web hosting provider on the Internet. While their popularity definitely comes because they pay a lot of money for advertisements. They also focus on providing the best user experience possible. Really easy to use and intuitive. Bluehost lacks in terms of performance, but makes up for it in ease of use.

I only recommend this to first time web developers.

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I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

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22 thoughts on “Best WordPress Hosting Providers – You've Probably Been LIED To [2020]

  1. Thanks for the info, your videos are the most informative I've seen for WordPress hosting. One question, I am considering Hostinger for hosting a startup business, which plan do you recommend? I was looking at the Business Web Hosting, but don't know if this is a marketing ploy to spend more money.

  2. Black Friday Deals Are Here! MAJOR DISCOUNTS
    ► Hostinger $1.70 DEAL ➜
    ► SiteGround $3.49 DEAL ➜
    ► Bluehost $2.65 DEAL ➜

  3. can't decide between hostinger cloud satartup 3 GB RAM
    2 CPU Cores and cloudways with digital ocean RAM 2GB Processor 1 Core .. help! need to run a directory website built with WordPress .. around 10,000 listings in the first year.

  4. Hey Emit I'm starting an ecommerce website and came across your video, nice introduction and information by the way. Anyway I would like to know what would be the best option for my project, I'll be selling merchandise online and there is a lot to think about, any recommendations on domain names sites and web hosting? I. Not looking for anything to high tech I'll be designing the website myself through wordpress.

  5. Yes, I am binge watching! This was an unexpected (the Bluehost section) and useful VIDEO! Thanks, Emit!

  6. Finding your videos helpful all the time.
    Watching for 2 days.
    Great work 👍 Keep it up and Good luck.

  7. Awesome video! For your SiteGround test, were you using their shared hosting or the managed WordPress hosting?

  8. Thank you for the helpful information. I LOVED the car analogy!!! It made me LOL! ~Antonio Dominion

  9. Hi! I saw your video about InterServer, could I use that host for WordPress? I'm looking at monthly payment option, rather than paying all at once— I also like how InterServer has the lock-in option. I will just be using it for blogging for the most part.

  10. Kuddos for the review.

    Being new to WordPress, I saw BlueHost as a recommended hosting company by WordPress and bought a 3 year hosting plan. Later I found that the webpage speed was not good. But after installing WPRocket (Cache Plugin), there was a difference of day and night in the page loading speed.

    I am planning to go for Siteground after the expiry of the BlueHost plan. I have also purchased a Siteground hosting for some other website and I can see that Bluehost is very easy to navigate and it offers more features.

  11. Heya, what’s your opinion about Chemicloud? I’m planning to buy one of their plans in the coming week. So if you could give a brief about it ASAP, it will be very helpful. Anyone else who’s using it already also can give their suggestions. Thanks in advance

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