Best WordPress Shared Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

Best WordPress Shared Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

In this video, I’ll show you how to choose a WordPress shared hosting company and the things to look out for. At the end, I will make some recommendations and explain why they are the best shared hosting services.

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All recommendations
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8 types of hosting:

InMotion Hosting

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* SiteGround — (SAVE 60%)
* Cloudways — (SAVE 10%)
* A2Hosting — (SAVE 66%)
* NameHero — (SAVE 55%)

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41 thoughts on “Best WordPress Shared Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

  1. Thanks for the video. I have a cousin that has a big joomla website and is on HostGator. Thats who I have my wordpress sites on with a shared server. One of them is ecommerce. what are you thoughts on HostGator for Ecommerce sites?

  2. Hey Adam, seeing this video is 2 years old and there's been some changes including litespeed, which one do you recommend to get today? Would you get siteground and adter the 3 year discount see whethwr to move to another hosting provider?

  3. Adam, this video was so informative and awesome as usual. You are my go to guy for all things WordPress — and you've not let me down yet. Keep it up.
    Started with Namecheap. Moved onto InMotion Hosting. Switched to SiteGround. It has been for the most part, a fantastic experience (if don't count the renewal sticker shock)!
    BUT with their most recent price increase, I have to move again. I just think a $10 leap from $20 to $30 while still being on the cPanel platform, rather than their new and improved custom panel is unacceptable. Plus, they are definitely too rich for my blood.
    Looking forward to spending time on your site choosing my new host by tomorrow! Thanks, Adam!

  4. Hi, Adam- I have a few questions for you:
    1. SiteGround lost their PCI Compliance in December 2019 (on month after I signed up, ugh), because they dropped cPanel for their own control panel I was told. How does not being PCI Compliant affect Ecommerce websites? Should I be looking for another webhost?

    2. In the video you mention how using cPanel makes it easy to migrate to a new web host. Is this really true? If I decide to switch from SiteGround to another web host, won't I be able to just restore my backup to the new web host, as long as I'm developing in Gutenberg?

    3. Can you recommend 1 or 3 good Facebook groups for web design?

    Thanks! I've really learned a lot from your videos!

  5. Did I miss the part where you were going to talk about EIG, and The whole slew of companies they own and continue to buy up – that are subpar as far as working with.. ? I thank you

  6. Will I be able to transfer my WordPress website from one provider to another at the end of the plan period? So for instance, if I host a WordPress website with DreamHost for 1 year and then want to transfer it to BlueHost or SiteGround, would that be possible?

  7. Hi Adam, what you think about Hostinger hosting company? I'm using their service for a few months. My experience with them is fantastic. Their support system is excellent. I want to know about your opinion about them.

  8. all talk…. the only reasons you gave to support your opinions were literally what was found on the homepage. 0 stars for effort.

  9. Thank you so much I will be leaving my this weekend. 1 & 1 Ionos is garbage on so many levels. I will be visiting your website. Great job!!!!

  10. Thanks for these recommendations pro/con. Now I understand why Bluehost gives such horrible/non existent support. I just left them today and am shopping for a new provider. Will check out InMotion and A2, whose "support" people are not on the other side of the planet and speak incomprehensibly. Have subscribed to your channel and will stay with you. Now all I need is someone to walk me through picking a good WP theme (responsive, cstomizeable, translation-ready). I am happy to buy a theme but the choices – ARGH!

  11. Any recommendations for Amazon FBA private label? just to have a website for 1 to 10 products. but not for transactions.
    Thank you

  12. I just want a simple online photo portfolio/gallery with my own domain name without doing major programming. Any suggestions? Should I first set up a WP account then choose a host? What about Google Cloud Platform? I'm confused.

  13. I think that the best web hosting company for me is Bluehost. Very easy to use as specially for WordPress and Blogs. I am very happy with them.

  14. What do you think of Greengeeks? I watched a speed vid which showed they were very fast on page loads(3 seconds or so) over a 30 day period.

  15. Really well you explain about how to choose WordPress shared hosting company this video surely help to others. Thankful to watch your video #Onliveserver

  16. Definitely appreciate this video. I'm always recommending hosting and get tired of explaining why I recommend what I recommended. I'll share this video because of how detailed you are:
    A2 Hosting 19:15
    InMotion Hosting 16:55
    Siteground 20:11
    Thank you #nelledejones

  17. Halo Adam…………Really it was a great informative video. But i am still confused between siteground and A2 hosting. I am a just a beginner and want a web hosting platform. Please advice where should i go and also tell whether i should go with shared hosting or not ?

  18. I would like to go to Siteground but i just don't like when you have to pay 1 year at a time.. I feel more comfortable with month to month when it comes to hosting.

  19. Didn't you mention that siteground will not help with any malware attacks ? Do you recommend I then get outside help for that if that happens ? Which service host would you recommend has active malware protection support ?

  20. Thank you! I've been on HOSTGATOR but didn't know they had been bought out. Time to look at one of the ones you reviewed.

  21. I just tried Inmotion Hosting, and I think I should warn that they DO NOT have a full refund policy! They will not refund you the price for the "FREE domain", which is pretty messed-up given that "free" is $0 last time I did math. Another thing is that customer service chat for refund was a nightmare, with me having to wait >1hr.

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