24 thoughts on “Big JavaScript Projects – Code Sharing

  1. Remember that its not as straight forward to import this shared-stuff module in the firebase functions folder. You'll have to create a tarball and then use that as the dependency. Because cloud functions are built on the cloud, and they won't have your shared-stuff folder.

  2. I didn't understand the part when you created different Git repos, we have now three repose, just the shared one was pushed to the remote, then how another developer can clone or update Angular app or Vue?

  3. Installing a local npm package will not work for the Cloud Functions app since dependencies are installed remotely. You'd need to either host the shared repo or copy its contents into the functions app before deploy.

  4. Great video! A lot of people talking that it would be cool to see a video about Tensorflow which I agree. But proposing another idea, I would like to see an integration of blockchain (smart contracts or whatever) with Ionic, I'm very curious about that topic too, maybe combining it with firebase will be really cool also.

  5. Thanks for the video. For more complex shared packages, it helps to add tslint and tsconfig to the shared package

  6. Hello family, what do you think about sharing your environment across projects as a custom npm package? I have asked this on StackOverflow. Link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52452063/sharing-angular-environment-as-npm-package-across-projects . I want your comments on this approach. Lot of love for this channel and Jeff [ You are the man 😁😁😁]

  7. Macro apps with micro shared apps like using in an angular app part and components with vue or react sub apps

  8. Thanks for touching on this topic. I need to manage multiple Ionic projects sharing common interfaces & code. As such, I'm pretty sure I want to go down the monorepo route. I'd love to see a video in the near future expanding on the use of monorepos, and particularly any tips you can offer with regard to multiple Ionic apps (e.g. a public app and an admin one) sharing one repo & one Firebase project.

  9. Would love to see how this would be configured as a monorepo! I've played around with Lerna, but I'm curious how that would play out with framework mixing. Is that another video or part of the paid subscription content?

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