Bluehost Review 2019 by Small Business & Bluehost Plans Explained 🕵️

Bluehost Review 2019 by Small Business & Bluehost Plans Explained ️

Considering switching to Bluehost and wondering which plan to choose? In this Bluehost Review 2019 video, I share my experience with Bluehost web hosting, specifically as a WordPress website owner on a shared server.

I talk about what I like about Bluehost, why it’s reliable and why Bluehost would be our web hosting recommendation for small business.

I also wanted to include a Bluehost plans explained section in this video since I found some of our clients weren’t sure which package to choose.

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11 thoughts on “Bluehost Review 2019 by Small Business & Bluehost Plans Explained ️

  1. Bluehost Web Hosting is Without any doubt, PLUS is the best Bluehost plan as it has all Bluehost shared hosting features majorly Unlimited Websites + Free domain name + Free SSL certificate at the cheapest price compared to the CHOICE PLUS plan.

    Check from here –

  2. I'm just confused by the difference between plus on the wordpress hosting and the regular plus shared hosting.
    Are you limited to only wordpress websites, and only hosting one website on the former? If so, since its still pretty easy to install wordpress on the regular plans, and you aren't locked into wordpress for all of them, it just seems like a clear option to go with regular shared hosting.

  3. This video was helpful jolly old gal 😊 I'm new to affiliate marketing bt I'm a fast learner so I will be making on average $4000 a week within 3 to 4 months, my God my ego is so egotistical or some would say egotestical 😐 Your video dis help me thank you you future millionaire and Hi from down under, well NOT AS down under since the mandela effect 😆

  4. Thank you for this video, it helped me to make a choice and I used your Blue Host link in the description. That said, I checked the site and the promo doesn't stop after 1 year if you take the 24 months or the 36 months plan (I purchased the Choice Plus 36 months plan). But your review is really clear and helpful. Blue Host can thank you since I choose them after watching your video 🙂

  5. This was helpful, compared to others. I did not know the discount only applied for the first year. And you explained why the choice plus package is the better option. Thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing. In the world full of pushy sellers, its rare to find well balanced reviewers like you. Glad to have arrived at this video. I had almost lost hope in deciding which host to go with etc.

  7. Hi Auret . interesting subject I have had a website with WP for every as a rookie I found it difficult to work on , but that was just a matter of teaching myself .
    I do need to do something different with my website had it for ever I don't want to give it up you never know .
    I will look at Bluehost , the customer service at WP is horrible and they nickel and dime me to death.
    Thanks for sharing and giving something to think about ..

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