Bluehost Vs Interserver | Interserver Web Hosting Review | Cheap Hosting

Bluehost Vs Interserver | Interserver Web Hosting Review | Cheap Hosting

Bluehost Vs Interserver
At this point, you are either deciding to host a website or blog or have already decided but you want to know which web hosting company to go with. This video in short is a Bluehost vs Interserver review.

Bluehost Package

Interserver Package – Sign up for a Stay Home $1 web hosting promotion.

We will incorporate an Interserver Web Hosting Review as well as a Bluehost Web Hosting Review and show which is the cheap web hosting.
InterServer and Bluehost are wildly different however, both InterServer and Bluehost are rather similar.
Both offer the full range of shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options at extremely affordable rates.
Check out our breakdown of each company’s products to help you figure out which host would be the best home for your website.
InterServer specializes in high-tech, supremely flexible configurations, particularly at the VPS and dedicated server levels.
Bluehost caters slightly more toward the less-experienced shared hosting customer but offers the full range of services to support a customer’s growing site.

In terms of Web Hosting Value;
InterServer’s Standard Hosting plan lets you host unlimited domains along with providing unlimited disk space and data transfer.
The cost for their hosting plan is $5 per month or less depending on the length of your term.
And, with InterServer’s price lock guarantee, there aren’t the huge price increases when it comes time to renew your account, you pay the same price.

By contrast, with Bluehost, your renewal fees are higher however you can sign up for your initial term at a lower cost of $2.95 per month. Bluehost is therefore the cheap hosting company.
Both Bluehost and InterServer rate high on the value meter but if price is your main concern, then InterServer is a better fit.
On the other hand, Bluehost includes more premium features that you may need.

For Website Speed and Performance;
Previously, InterServer actually outperformed Bluehost in this category. However, with the recent improvements by Bluehost, they are now the winner here. Website speed with Bluehost is now superior to InterServer.

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