Bluehost Wordpress Tutorial - Step by Step for Beginners

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners


This tutorial will show you how to build a WordPress website with Bluehost. This is a complete step by step tutorial for beginners.

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*The above link is an affiliate link. This means that Bluehost will give me a commission if you sign up through my link. This helps support this channel at no extra cost to you.
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If your Bluehost dashboard is different than the video, you are on “cpanel” instead of “home”. Click home in the top left of your BlueHost dashboard to make it look like the video.

32 thoughts on “Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners

  1. I was thinking of getting WordPress with a domain name. What makes it necessary to also get a host like Bluehost?

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  3. sorry i have to leave you. your information is apparently outdated. nothing on my wordpress site looks like your video.

  4. Hey guys, this tutorial is completely amazing but it's been a long time since it was uploaded on YouTube, but i found the updated version step by step, check it out:

  5. Hey guys, this tutorial is completely amazing but it's been a long time since it was uploaded to YouTube, but i found the updated version step by step, check it out:

  6. Bluehost has everything you need to build, host and promote your web file.

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    يحتوي Bluehost على كل ما تحتاجه لبناء واستضافة وترويج ملف الويب الخاص بك.

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  8. Do you not have to pay the $300 fee for wordpress if you use bluehost. And can you use wordpress plugins?

  9. Great tutorial. I am completely new to this and your easy to follow guide was really useful for me to get started.

  10. i like your video and also i have paid for some one to make the web i which i met you before this thanks very much you’re a great 👍 teacher

  11. bluehost wordpress hosting setup & install tutorial make a website with bluehost in 10 mis

  12. Does this site include a search bar and a file upload button for ecommerce, so other people can upload onto my site?

  13. After seeing many of my peers set up their online portfolios, I've been wanting one for myself as well.

    At first, everything seemed daunting since I'm quite a rookie at web design/dev. I thought that I'd have to jump through countless hoops and hurdles to get things set up. I understand that hiring someone would be the best, that's kind of out of the question at the moment, so I've decided to take care of things myself (I have base level experience with web fundamentals and UX/UI).

    This video put me at ease! Thank you!

  14. Get Bluehost and install WordPress to make your Website/Blog See , That's what we did.

  15. I have a question. So I already made the bluehost account and at no moment did I installed wordpress. I am trying to install it but I cant find it anywhere. Please help

  16. Is wordpress already installed?? Because I cant find that page in 1:30 with install wordpress. Hope to hear back from you soon

  17. Help! f you pick a templet and it shows the latin wording, how do you add your own wording to the templet. I can't find it anywhere!

  18. I live in sweden and it is saying i have to pay tax. So in total i have to pay aroud 167 eurow and im wondring is it only the first month i have to pay that much? Thank you

  19. The domain isn’t free. It’s a trick. You are paying for it. Otherwise when getting a refund you would get everything you paid. Instead they say, we don’t refund the domain. If the domain is free then why are you saying you don’t refund for domain?

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