BREAKING: Google exported your private data to random people

BREAKING: Google exported your private data to random people

Videos from Google Photos were incorrectly exported to random people requesting their data via Google Takeout in a scandalous bug causing privacy and security nightmare for Google Photo users.

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Crytpomator (to encrypt files uploaded to cloud)

Reddit screenshot of the email Google sent to affected users
Arstechnica coverage
From the article: “a security and privacy bug affecting Google Photos users: for a time, it was possible for private videos to be downloaded by unrelated users.”

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22 thoughts on “BREAKING: Google exported your private data to random people

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  2. ProtonMail is currently working on the project called ProtonDrive. So for those that want an intuitive cloud storage like Google Photos, that may be the best privacy-respecting solution.

  3. I have a question is ghostery to be trusted i heard about them working with companies and stuff is it true

  4. 1:22 so people can get accused of crimes from videos they didn’t take that showed up on their google device…Google better remember this and defend wrongfully accused people!

  5. Gotta love the serious google issues that are on google platforms 👽👍years ago..suckerberg announced about a new “PRIVATE “platform called facebook. Then not long ago he was sued (google paid out about 250 million dollars 💵 for being full of shit, . IMA CAT 🐈

  6. Problem is what do you do if you don’t want to use google or zoom but have to use these mediums, because your school & work use these services/platforms by default (so you have to as well).

  7. Have you thought about getting your videos on another platform? I don't trust youtube. I hope nothing happen with this channel tho! Love it.

  8. No Homo out of all of the YouTube voices out there I really like the hated one's voice.

    It's Soothing…

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