The look for less challenge is BACK!!! This is absolutely one of my favorite collaborations on youtube. Not only does it motivate me to make things on my own but I also get tons of motivation from other participants. In this video, I updated chandelier globes on the chandelier in our dining room. Some of our lighting is going to get changed all together but I thought if I could spend less money on this, it would give me more money for other things. This entire thing cost me $2.50!!!! I did DIY chandelier cage shades and it makes the chandelier look so much better.

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  1. Amazing tips!

    Really we appreciate the efforts you put forward in making this video.

    Please do check out the lighting collection northerncult.com/shop/

  2. Good idea! Amazon has those cages you showed for much less if anyone can’t get the old shades or is not crafty.

  3. I got three of those mini lamp shades for the purpose of putting them on my ceiling fan makeover. Then I found cages I liked better at the Dollar General. I got solar lights that worked perfectly. I still like the way it turned out. SO LOL I still have the lamp shades and I still need a new fixture over my sink. I have a 3clight fixture that was free. So problem is I wasn't in love with the shades and one of them cracked. Was the white bell shaped glass. So I'm here because I'm still considering the lamp cages for that light fixture. I still like the look. Just needed to see the lamp shade without the fabric again to get a better vision of what I'm hoping for. I didn't take the fabric off of the ones I have because they are black and in great shape. So if I got rid of them the next person could use their imagination to decide. Lol
    So your project turned out amazing and like you I have every item to do it. So I'm going for it!! Worst case I hate it I'll put it on marketplace.

  4. Instead of the wreath if you added some just string to the bars it would have gave it an industrial look

  5. Wow, you did so well! No one would ever guess how you made that over…except for those of us who are watching you now, lol. Great job. 👍🏻😊

  6. Just the little changes made such a huge difference! I love how this came out. Such a fun challenge to join in and I really enjoyed your video! 🙂 Maria

  7. Looks great! So so wise to check the thrift store for those cages and you upcycled something that probably would have been thrown out since the shades were old. Smart thinking and great way to save!!

  8. Congratulations on your new home! Okay, that was super clever using those mini lamp shade frames! Thank you so much for joining! The finished look was so beautiful! I would have never thought to do it!

  9. You have a new friend! I love your personality! I love this look for less challenge. NataLee hosts a Girls can use power tools challenge pretty often and it is a fun collab too. Oh my word this upgrade is so cute! I love this idea!

  10. OMG! Your idea is GENIUS!!! Love it! You're very talented and creative. New subscriber here. TFS.

  11. I love the new look of the chandelier! It went from your typical light fixture to the perfect farmhouse statement piece

  12. When you started, I was kind of skeptical – I've always thought those cage shades were kind of ugly, but WOW! I love how this turned out!!!!

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