20 thoughts on “Build your first website on the Google Cloud platform

  1. Thank you! I couldn't get my Domain to work.. lol Now I understand why! I'm missing the fundamentals of a website.

  2. is it possble to build high- end multi tier dynamic websites like speedtest.net on google cloud platform ?

  3. can you lend me a Google cloud account?because my Chinese credit card can not register the Google cloud。 if dont have ssr,it is so hard to invent foreign website,thank you so much

  4. This isn't really building a website. From what you showed in your tutorial, it's just a way in how to host a website.

  5. Thanks for share. How much is a php 1 website on Google Cloud? No one of companies providing cloud able to show that very simple future. That cloud is most likely focus on users who are very experience. That dont make seance because there able to setup own servers….. With another word this is not for regular users.(www.ipage.com is 2.50 /month"

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