Building a Bank with Go

Building a Bank with Go

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Matt Heath discusses why Go is suited for a microservices architecture, the language features that make it particularly attractive to high volume, low latency, distributed applications, and how easy it is to adopt into existing systems and organisations.
This presentation was recorded at QCon London 2017. The next QCon is in London, March 5-7, 2018. Check out the tracks and speakers:

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23 thoughts on “Building a Bank with Go

  1. I usually work with Javascript and Php with plans to get into python for machine learning. I had zero interest in go since I rarely hear about it and it's use case but this video has change my opinions in go.

  2. Good talk, just to point out the content of how Go is helpful is very limited & it's more about the entire architecture.

  3. So, I can't believe it that the banks in the Philippines which is so-called a 3rd-world country, are more advanced and ahead than the banks in London in every way mentioned here.

  4. I came here because of "your face" that is actually Mikuláš Dzurinda's face who was Prime Minister of Slovakia from 30 October 1998 to 4 July 2006. And I am also interested in Golang. 🙂

  5. Like, kind of, like, like like like.. all those features were offered by indian traditional banks in 2017 for sure. Ex. Axi, icici

  6. TL;DR mostly golang in docker on Kubernetes. Looks like a modern solution for modern life. (I hope that monzo has a current account in other denominations soon.) Also, register and CNAME that.

  7. 我看到了,怪不得看那个杰克怀特视频里面他说一个Monzo工程师,原来等这么久加到一个不得了工作,而且用的golang。估计就是他们公司的。

  8. In Germany there is which is also a New type of bank and has some of the monzo features. But Anyway hope Monzo will enter German Market soon. But I guess Br.exit() has to excuted first.

  9. When people say "being productive in a couple of days", do they really mean you can arrive at the job Monday, gobble all ghe information and context you need, and close your first ticket on Wednesday?
    That sounds impossible

    Because I am 6 month in, and I still don't know how my smallest change will affect the whole project, and there is ALWAYS unexpected side effects

  10. "I mainly work as a back-end engineer"… I gotta admit that line made me laugh because y'know… He's gay… Back-end…

  11. Wow – been in banking for 35 years. So impressed that you struck gold with such an pioneering path. Keep it up.

  12. Elixir only supports functional programming (most difficult paradigm to learn/understand) which would put a significant amount of people off, and since the language only supports a single paradigm it is very restrictive/limiting in what you can do (severely limits Elixir's versatility). Most Software Developers would prefer to use a multi paradigm language like Kotlin and Python for example, which allows a language to be used in multiple areas of software development (desktop, mobile, embedded etc).

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