Building a Config Service in Go | Home Automation #03

Building a Config Service in Go | Home Automation #03

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This is a bit of a lengthy video where I build the entire config service in golang. The config service will simply return another service’s config over through an HTTP endpoint. Let me know if this is too long – might need to rethink how I do these videos in future.

The code from this video:

The actual home automation repo:



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37 thoughts on “Building a Config Service in Go | Home Automation #03

  1. Most interesting… One question… Would it be beneficial to monitor the config file and reload when it’s changed? That way you don’t have to wait the 30 seconds.

  2. Great video, unfortunately, I am hitting an error. at the 20ish minute mark, when typing c.Readconfig into the main i get this warning from VS Code "cannot use c.ReadConfig (type func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)) as type http.Handler in argument to router.Get:
    func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request) does not implement http.Handler (missing ServeHTTP method)"
    Anyone know what this is?

  3. Hey I just got into learning html with your older vids you did very helpful btw 🙂 Really enjoying watching them and learning. What editor are you using for mac tho? I will go on vacation and I thought to take my mac with me and learn some stuff on the go why not? Any recommendations jake? (Maybe free ones for starters/ noobs ? 😛 ) Would appreciate your answer on that one cheers have a good one.

  4. On the one hand, this seems like a lot of fun to write.

    On the other… it'd have taken 10% of the time to write it in node.

  5. This is interesting but I’d rather see all of it in one language… I’m new at CS and different languages just get confusing… Stick with Python 😜

  6. thanks for the series.. i am getting error while importing from "…./domain" it can not find package, it tries to load (from $GOROOT) and (from $GOPATH) . is there anyway to import this package from workspace/sub-dir, like we did in the python before.

  7. This is a really cool topic and you did great work in this video but over all wouldn't Consul ( be a good option to use. Trying to avoid SPF Consul has the the concept of clusters. Then you can query that however you would like. Since you are using Docker Keep up the great work!

  8. Hey, bro. First I just wanna to say that my english can be bad… I came from Russian youtuber who was saying that you are making $3000000 per year and have a lot of channels on youtube with personal workers. I just wanna ask you. Is it real? 'cause now our russian youtubers just trying to hype on something and 99% of their videos are fake

  9. Great quality, doesn't matter if you can't post videos regularly, when you do they're 🔥. I couldn't helped but think on why you weren't using consul for this, this is its main use case but then I remembered you wanted to do everything so congrats for doing it

  10. Hi Jake,
    love your vids. They're pretty pacy but you always explain things so well, so I can always pause and backtrack to make sure I've got it right.
    Can you do one It looks like a great home automation solution. Cheers Rob.

  11. Hey man, a lot of us have been following your journey and would love more vlogs! Thanks and Keep it Up!

  12. You need to be consistent and committed man, At least ship out a video every 2 weeks or something or just keep us in the loop.

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