Building the ULTIMATE Minecraft Server

Building the ULTIMATE Minecraft Server

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Linus and Jake design and test fit our custom ULTIMATE LTT Minecraft server chassis.

Thanks to Protocase for their fabrication work on the chassis.
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44 thoughts on “Building the ULTIMATE Minecraft Server

  1. you mean a stack of ram dont you? also linus doesent know the pain of haveing full proc 3 nehterite armor only to die in lava BECAUSE OF A STUPID FRICKING MAGMA CUBE

  2. Damn bro you should contact 2b2t's admin hausmaster the 2b2t server runs like shit and with the new update soon it's unfortunate that they will need a new server rig

  3. Let's have a moment of silence to process the fact that this was built for MINECRAFT…

    yes you heard me right

  4. Not quite Saw IT but do you get much vetter performance on a local pc host or is IT Just ram and cpu

  5. someone would have a shit ton of money and just said "fuck it" and just used it for friend server. They have gone insane

  6. What's an "instance" is one "instance" a players computer connecting
    ? Or is an instance the server that everyone connects to.

  7. 1 Motherboard 2Cpu

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