Business Videos - Self hosting vs Embedding

Business Videos – Self hosting vs Embedding

We all know videos on a company’s website can do wonders for converting viewers to contacts. And when implemented properly, it can play a huge role bringing relevant traffic to your site. But first you need to decide if you will embed (with a service such as Youtube) or self host.

Like anything each has their pros and cons and ultimately different implications for your business.
Here is a quick guide to what you need to consider before choosing..

With self hosting, the pros are…

Greater content control: you decide where it appears and if and how it can be shared.
No Advertising: Unwanted adverts and might not be right for your video or brand
All the viewing figures are yours: Every ‘share’ from a user is yours which provides some good back links to your website.
Custom built video players: Control the ‘look and feel’ or your player and add interactive functions within the video to improve the user experience and create new opportunities to convert.

However, potential drawbacks with can include…

The Cost: Your hosting provider may charge you for storing the video as well as streaming it. It could be just fractions of a penny each time, but if your video suddenly goes viral you could be liable for some big charges. There is a flip side to this in that you may suddenly have many more conversions and sales.
Technical skills: You will have to upload the video to the server and optimise it to play efficiently across a range of browsers and broadband speeds. Slow playback is one of the main reasons that causes people to give up and leave the video (and probably your website).
Reduced search engine visibility: You can of course ‘tag’ your video with the right meta data that will help the search engines, but you have to remember to do it and it’s usually quite a fiddly time consuming job.

Now, on to the Embedding pros:

Free hosting: Yes, it is free. No headache with free hosting platform such as Youtube. Massive audience: Vimeo, Dailymotion or Youtube. This is the highest chance for your video to be viewed, shared and be promoted on social media. Link back to your site within the description area, writing a relevant headline title and the correct keywords. Targeting is the key!
Very fast loading: YouTube, Daily Motion etc… invest millions of dollars developing their technology! Key areas they focus on are speed of playing and viewer usability.
No technical skills needed: Just follow the instructions and these days that usually means grab and drop and … basically this is it. Apart from that, you will need a relevant descriptive title, and some useful keywords.

Embedding cons:

Your video is not yours anymore: The hosting platform can decide to suspend your video, so be sure your it’s not breaking any rules. Also, they could decide not to make your video available in a specific country.

Advertising: On embedded Youtube videos, you may see ads showing up at the bottom of your video, but you can specify that you don’t want any ads in your account settings if it is your video coming from your channel and you have all the rights over it.
Losing your audience: Yes, people can be more comfortable to click on the little « youtube » or « Vimeo » logo and watch your video from the hosting platform. The key to success is still quality content.

Player and thumbnails limitations: The design options are limited unless you have strong javascript skills to manipulate the provided code. As for thumbnails, you can now use them if you agree to being YouTube partner and agree to have ads on your video. This may comprimise the purpose of your video, especially if a competitor is being advertised over your content!

So to conclude, you have to consider the implication of all of these factors to make the right decision for your video and company.

2 thoughts on “Business Videos – Self hosting vs Embedding

  1. You did make some excellent points, but I was looking here to find out the pros and cons of whether I should enable embed or disable embed. I'm thinking of monetizing if that has anything to do with it. I'm getting different answers to this and my head is spinning. and causing me to sit on the fence and not know which way to go.  Please help me get of the fence.

  2. You made some excellent points for both pros/cons. One thing I would add regarding SEO/Search is that some platform do make it easy by providing the ability to create video sitemaps which are then one click upload to Google for indexing.

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