Cardano stake pool operator experience, staking rewards, future improvements | TCE 69

Cardano stake pool operator experience, staking rewards, future improvements | TCE 69

Cardano stake pool operators join us for an episode. We talk about stake pool operator experience, staking rewards and future improvements to Jormungandr.

Chris Graffagnino
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Eystein @hansen_eystein @adanorthpool

Stake Pool Bootstrap Initiative – [email protected]

Rick @digitalfortress

Philippe @philpa6

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33 thoughts on “Cardano stake pool operator experience, staking rewards, future improvements | TCE 69

  1. 0:14 Intro

    1:20 Welcome back Cardano stake pool operators

    2:17 Do any of you work as operators for other blockchain projects?

    7:07 Is running a stake pool profitable?

    11:45 Is any pool operator using AWS or Azure to run stake pools? If so, what are the monthly expenses?

    13:30 Shout out to the testnet heroes

    14:53 Are these rewards percentage sustainable for the long term? Charles said they come from inflation but I did not get it.

    16:06 Why there are so many differences in pools performance? Is it really difficult to keep the network up?

    19:46 What improvements do pool operators want?

    27:01 Has there been anyone that missed the snapshot yet has contributed positively to the conversation and progress of understanding the IT side of the testnet? Maybe a colleague or peer that just does not do Crypto?

    28:10 Is there going to be a second snapshot?

    29:38 How do I pick a pool?

    30:28 What is the process to add more coins to a stake wallet?

    30:42 Can only snapshot tokens be staked?

    30:51 Will I lose rewards when I change pools? Will there be an epoch where I miss the reward?

    31:08 When will I see my rewards?

    31:20 Can I see my rewards balance without opening my wallet?

    31:31 What is saturation and what does it mean?

    32:47 Are pools capped at 35 blocks?

    32:59 Why am I getting 12% or why am I getting 4% ?

    33:48 When will Yoroi staking be?

    34:30 Why does a pool not show up in Yoroi but shows in Daedalus?

    35:03 Is the wallet seed phrase check real?

    37:55 Why does Daedalus show a 0 balance?

    38:36 I cannot connect to the Daedalus testnet, someone knows why?

    40:36 Why do I see a negative balance?

    42:11 Hi downloaded testnet v1 rewards do I use wallet recovery from cardano wallet or do I create a new rewards wallet?

    42:44 I could be wrong but I suspect the system would be better if only newcomer rewards are slashed when they join saturated pools. Any obvious problems with this?

    45:33 Liquid vs non liquid asset

    46:50 I am just dumbfounded by how much ADA is delegated to dead pools. Why is that?

    51:29 When main net?

    51:42 How to earn staking rewards if I have ADA on my ledger nano?

    51:52 70% bitcoin hashrate are concentrated in China. Is it possible this will happen to cardano staking pools?

    53:30 Final Thoughts

  2. Hi, I am having terrible network issues with Daedalus and would like to migrate to Yoroi. Does somebody know what would happen to my rewards on Daedalus if I switch now? Would I loose the previous rewards? Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. All I can say is that you two are FANTASTIC!! As of today, both of you are in the top 35. Keep up the great work. Philippe, I noticed that you moved from weak performance to average performance today on Yoroi, and my daily balance doubled by at least 50% from the previous day. It seems to have made a difference. 🙂

  4. Hey, you guys are great. Those of us who have regular day jobs and deal with our own work life challenges really appreciate you and the work you are doing. Happy New Year and keep up the great work.

  5. why not just prevent delegation to any pool that hits saturation point?? that would make a hell of a lot more sense then having a saturation level wouldn't it?

  6. Some reason ive been kicked out from delegating to the pools i been staking with. Been trying to stake but my balance continues to pend whenever i try to stake. If i delete Daedalus and reinstall it, will i lose the rewards I currently earned from staking?

  7. My god, the amount of brain power from this community is staggering. I really do appreciate all that the community has done for this project…. ps. Rick, I’m going to have to copyright “silent hero” 😁

  8. Daedalus Test Net/Rewards wallets zero balance issue…After you create your rewards wallet…"Delete TestNet Wallet only" and the Rewards wallet will populate the balance…then you can stake…some reason the two will not work together side by side…Windows7Prof…Known issue IOHK…deleting the TN Wallet worked for me…Hope this helps…

  9. I don't get why even very tech savvy ppl still recommends things like writing incomplete words during wallet recovery etc. All it does it creating false sense of security. Any half decent programmer can create the script which easily extract the seed from keylogged keypresses and steal your money. It "can" help, but most likely won't. Buy HW wallet and stop typing seed to PC… That should be the only advice.

  10. very frustrating if your pool is online 24/7 and only delegation goes to pools that already have millions of ada. because of this you do not produce a block and it looks like your pool is not functioning. i am a tech guy not a youtube man. I hope that for the mainnet IOHK delegates temporarily to small pools .. so that they also come into contact with other users. this will bring the network into balance. now it is absolutely not in balance. and change k = 1000

  11. I have a perfect storm of two issues that is really bothersome.

    First I find a pool 15 to 20% away from saturation that’s actually preforming well. Other people are not paying attention to this as they delegate after me. Then the pool I am in gets saturated, forcing me to move.

    2nd my wallet twice now has gone goofy to the point I need to delete it and reinstall the damn thing in order to get properly re-delegate my stake. This would not bother me if I was not a working road warrior. For one I don’t carry my seed and two, I am constantly using unsecured WIFI.

    IOHK needs to fix the wallet or do something to prevent over saturated pools.

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