24 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Services – Hindi – #3

  1. Respected Sir,
    I am beginner in Cloud Computing, so I started watching your videos. I got the clear picture of cloud in simple way. Your videos are very informative & knowledgable. Actually Sir I am starting my PhD in this areas. Excellent n superb videos.
    Sir, I was your student in ACE academy, you used to taught Web Technology, this was the first interaction with you.

    With due respect.
    Thank you sir

  2. Really helpful. Thank you sir. Could you please tell me if I can make my career in cloud computing as I'm not a coder or programmer and I don't have a technical background.

  3. I watched many videos but those were quite complex. You explained in the same way but the example you added of banquet hall made you different from others which is easy understandable.

  4. I just saw this video…I was studying whole day from my modules which provide by the college but didn't understand…Thankyou so much

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