Cloud DNS: Build webserver with custom domain in GCP

Cloud DNS: Build webserver with custom domain in GCP

Tutorial shows how easy it is in Google Cloud Platform to build a Linux VM, configure startup script to install Apache2 webserver with custom webpage, reserve an IP address, and configure Cloud DNS to attach external domain to the Compute Instance.

If you want to learn more about the Cloud DNS, official documentation can be found here:

In this demo I used freenom service provider to configure my free domain As I mentioned in the video, this provider have rather mixed opinions. I like you can get the domain for free there, however based on the opinion read, I’m not sure if that’s the best partner for your “production’ environment.

At the end of the video I showed you, in a bit increased speed, how I cleaned up the environment once I didn’t need it anymore. Obviously the domain will not be responsive at the moment when you watch the video. But hopefully you see how easy it is to set it up, so you can do it by yourself in your environment.

As always, it’s good to use to verify what are the costs of the products You plan to use in Your GCP environment. Thanks for watching and check out my channel for other tutorials!

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