Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting

Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting

Learn about the differences between cloud based hosting, and dedicated servers. Web hosting comes in 3 basics types: shared hosting, dedicated servers, cloud based hosting. Each has its’ pros and cons.

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30 thoughts on “Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting

  1. This was painful to listen to just from the audio volume level perspective when going outside for a walk. Other than that great content. Other videos are much better.

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  3. How much traffic is too much traffic? I’m trying to figure out how much hostigator for exemplo can handle and can’t find anything.

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  5. i have a startup co. like vimeo or YT called roxytube dot com. it's on a dedicated server. i have been thinking of moving to AWS but nervous about the flucuating prices monthly. not sure what to do. anyone have any thoughts?

  6. This is very useful review!
    However the economics of the subject is unclear for me.
    I'm pretty sure that for small scale apps dedicated servers are sucks (too expencive and too complicated).
    However if we go to a large scale projects how does costs of cloud compares to dedicated server(s)?
    The last option should be considered in conjunction with running costs (not only hardware but man power as well which goes virtually for free with clouds).

  7. No sabía que un hosting funcionaba de esa forma, ahora me queda más claro. Con la explicación que encontré aquí me ayudó también:

  8. Great explanation! I'm going to go cloud-based with either Alibaba or AWS. Building multiple WordPress sites and I'm a little old fashioned. I like the idea of building the site on my computer first and then uploading it. This way, I can also keep backups just in case WWIII kicks off and they shut all of it down.

  9. Probably almost 10 years ago I tried learning to develop on AWS with python, then tried Google's engine. Worked great, was fun, skills didn't went anywhere, but the experience was great and although it might seem more complex, but the stuff needed to have your simple website (with or without something a bit more fancy) was pretty easy and low skill based in general (your average teenager can easily learn to do that in 2-4 days). The problem I ran into eventually was when I tried to have personal email, like [email protected] type thing and I had to install email server for that and so on…it overwhelmed me with all configurations needed, that notoriously crappy(at least to me) nix stile documentation of things (walls of text and what not, with weird options and etc., when more than half won't even work in a way you would think, after reading it, should work). Then I resorted back to old hosting with ftp, the experience can be "normal", can be horrendous…for me the biggest drawback is usually it will be crappy customer service and hosting prices are ridiculous these days. They will lure you in with something like 20 usd for half a year/month or a year even, and after that ends and you become a bit stuck with them, it becomes something like 300 usd/ year. Either take it or now try to copy, paste, transfer domains to other place and chances are you won't want to.

  10. Hi
    Stefan. thanks for the video a great help. What would you say is the best cloud providers for a site with 3 million + products ? siteground ? Vultr ?

  11. Stefan, you are a pure gold!
    Thank God you cover these more or less intermediate topics as Ive never deployed any sites before but need to do one very-very soon
    and since I trust your opinion such topics do really clarify some issues for me big time! Thanks again!

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  13. Stopped coding in 2009 and came back to it in 2014 and so much had changed. I'm still learning about different things i missed during that time frame. This video helped fill a part of that knowledge gap for me. Thanks.

  14. I choose dedicated servers. I can name a lot of reasons, this has already been shown by experience. I tried many different options and stopped on dedicated servers in the end. By the way, I chose here such good stuff. Although CDN and VPS are there too.

  15. RAID isn't a substitute for offline backups. It only protects against hardware failure. Not software failure, malware, attacks, editor clumsiness, or bad management decisions.

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