Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup – What's the Difference?

Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup – What's the Difference?


### Table of contents ###
0:31 Cloud storage vs Cloud backup – the difference
1:11 Cloud backup
1:59 Redundant storage
3:23 Mirroring
3:46 Example – Carbonite
7:06 Attaching external hard drive
8:24 To sum it up…
10:05 Advantages and disadvantages
10:23 Recomendation

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In general, when we speak about cloud backup files are mirrored from a device to the cloud. This can be your computer, a server, your mobile or any machine that stores data locally. Using the cloud reduces the risk of total data loss because data is stored remotely. Whatever happens to your computer you can always retrieve your files because of that ‘mirroring process’ that took place earlier via the internet.

That’s one of the main differentiators between cloud storage and cloud backup. While traditional cloud storage service like Dropbox let you pick *one* folder to sync, a cloud backup service like Carbonite mirrors all your computers files.

By not restricting you to the sync-folder model of cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about making sure you’ve actually moved all of the content you want to backup into that single folder. This also means that if you need to replace your computer because of a hard-drive crash or other mishap, you can restore your exact file structure on your new device.


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  1. If I connect my external hard drive and back all the data on it up and thne disconnect it. Will carbonite keep the files or delete them ?

  2. So what does it look like server side? Is it literally just a bunch of hard drives and servers in a high security warehouse?

    I've actually worked in some of those in Vegas cabling and terminating countless servers, but didn't really know what they were for… We needed special badges and had to do serious security stuff. just go in and do your job and don't talk. Also, being a cable tech doesn't require you to know anything about servers and what-not.

  3. What if you have multiple computers and want them to share files but only have a subset on each computer?
    E.g. have photos, school documents on both laptop and desktop synced/shared, but also want the video-editing projected on the desktop backed-up?

  4. Fuck That! Never Trust Cloud is as Fucked up as Face book. Its just a matter of time if not already been hacked or sold your shit to highest bitter. An thing 3rt Party any thing on line is to total control of your shit. Just wait and see you be sorry.

  5. I guess you didn't mention that every time we have to retrieve/recover or download a backed up file, we have to pay something, is it so?

  6. I wouldn't like to have TWO services (one for storage/sharing and one for BackUp). Blazeback has the possibility of sharing implementing a kind of "plugin" extra tool called B2. Acronis has plans offering 500GB and 1TB of cloud storage; they may charge some extra fees (no too much, like USD 0.005/GB of downloading). What do you think about this?

  7. ¿Could you make a comparison between Carbonbite, iDrive and Backblaze, for example? Why do you prefer Carbonite over the other two?

  8. I imagine him in the morning with his coffee in a bathrobe calling to his wife… "honey? You want some Chevre?"

  9. Something confuses me! What I want to do is not store raw image files on the web for periodic referencing but rather backup raw image files in the hopefully rare event of needing to recover files in the event of a disaster occurring to my local files. Is there a cheap way that the backup service could backup my files in data compression and perhaps charge me mainly in the event that recovery is needed. In short my main need is not ready reference but rather disaster recovery.

  10. @ 6:33 Are there any services that will allow you to use it as an online harddrive though?
    Because if they delete your files over time, then what's the point in using them?
    You might as well buy harddrives yourself and set up a NAS server.
    I mean if you're paying for their service, you shouldn't have to worry about them deleting your stuff.

  11. Great! thanks a lot 🙂 very helpful indeed. Is it possible to backup your entire macbook using a cloud service? i want to get rid of my old sata disk drives, takes forever to do a clean install. So maybe a single large SSD external amd then the rest via cloud service, I'll be sharing a lot of videos and pictures with clients in the future.

  12. I don't really understand! Are you saying that with a cloud backup service like carbonite, it will backup your entire computer – with your personal folders, apps, programs, operating system and all? And with a "sync folder model" you are restricted to whatever personal folders and files you drag into your synced folder on your device? Actually, All I really care about is to not lose my personal files. That would be devastating – so I want to find a good "mirror – storage" type of service. I have one big concern, though. After uploading files and folders to (Google Drive) for example, I am so frustrated if there are errors and mistakes I have to fix after the upload – If I delete folders to start fresh – I am always deleting from my desktop – even after disengaging the sync function from the storage service. I don't know how to get around that – SHOULD I CHANGE THE NAMES OF THE FOLDERS, THEN DELETE THEM – SO THE ORIGINALLY NAMED FOLDERS WILL STAY ON THE HARD DRIVE ON MY COMPUTER AND THE NAME-CHANGED FOLDER WILL BE DELETED IN THE CLOUD???

  13. Was meant to talk about the differences in the solutions. Really just a sales pitch for carbonite. Sold out …..

  14. Hi, I'm writing from Germany. Carbonite sound good to me but: Privacy is an important issue (in Germany and the entire EU) in cloud storage. Here, the major US providers (Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft) are always provided with a question mark, because there is a suspicion that intelligence agencies and authorities can access the data legally or through backdoors.
    That's the question: Are files stored encrypted?

  15. 8:24 the difference should have been explained at the very beginning in those words. It was kind of a reiteration, but it would have made me more confident I was watching the right video. In this case, I'm actually rewatching this because I'm trying to make sure I understand what I need.

  16. What happens if you get a cryptolocker virus/malware? Does carbonite and/or dropbox mirror your newly encrypted data? If so, you're data is trapped locally and in the cloud unless you pay a ransom. OR, can you roll back the data to a data prior to the cryptolocker type virus and regain access to your data?

  17. I believe that you may have answered a question that has been bothering me for sometime, however, I need some clarification. Basically, I want to keep the internal HDs (2) on my iMac "clean", porting files and photos to my external drives as well as a cloud service. The annoying issue that I seem to have with these services is that all, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, use what I call the "bounce back" effect, essentially sending back the image (s) that I uploaded to the cloud back to my computer's HD. My boot drive on my iMac (2012) is a 250gb along with a 1TB HHD that I use for temporary storage for photo editing purposes, later transferring to my Drobo. Suffice it to say, those "bounced back" images will fill up that 250gb very quickly. According to your description, all of the cloud services rely upon the files to remain on the user's computer HD to work correctly. I have no issue with the files being sent to one of my external drives but I can not seem to configure this with any of the afore mentioned services. So, is there a service that will store my files without sending them back to my computer?

  18. have you ever done a restore from Carbonite? Takes a lifetime to do a large restore from a carbonite backup.

  19. How do these services work if you are backing up for example, an ASUS laptop, the laptop goes kaput and you get a Dell laptop as a replacement. Will restoring the backup put all the ASUS files that you no longer need, back on your system and bloat your new laptop unnecessarily? Same question if you're going from W7 to W10, or what about from a MAC to a PC, or PC to Linux?

    I like to have minimal bloat and unnecessary files on my systems and have been using Sugarsync to backup ONLY the folders that contain my personal files or profiles of some programs like Thunderbird. Some of the Thunderbird profile files were approx 2GB however and as these files were changed each time a new email was sent or received, Sugarsync was constantly restarting the uploads and it never really had enough time to fully backup the complete file which resulted in a bit of a panic on a recent system problem. I've been told I need a service that will do deduplication so it will scan the actual file for changes and only sync the changed segments, I'm not sure how it works to be honest.

    Do you offer any one on one advice services (paid) via email/skype? I'm wrecking my head at the moment trying to find the best solution!

  20. I see a problem with using together with Carbonite when storing photos

    I would create a folder in sync (And have that folder be backed up by Carbonite) and eventually move that folder to the "Vault" part or have it deselected in selective sync as I dont have space for all my photos on my pc

    Then after 60 days Carbonite would delete those files as they are invisible to my computer, as I have chosen not to sync them and I would only have 1 online backup

    Is there a way to avoid this problem?

  21. I have been told by the apple store that carbonate slows your computer down ? Is this true with carbonate, back blaze or crash plan?

  22. I have had my computer crash twice and its a real pain to rebuild it, I cant afford an external drive putting out a couple of hundred dollars for one of those. I was thinking of using one of the cloud servers but it as i have read and read and watched vids all i seem to find is ones that just let you put pics books and so on. I really need one that i can pay monthly and can back up my whole computer so i can restore it if it crashes. I dont need it to run all the time if i could find one that did it once a week or even month so i have something to fall back on and a place to start with out starting from loading windows please wait lol.
    So what i am asking is do you know of a server that does this that wont cost me and arm or my first born. Thanks for your time love your vids.

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