Cloud Streaming Server: IRL Backpack + Psynaps (Technical Overview)

Cloud Streaming Server: IRL Backpack + Psynaps (Technical Overview)

This video is a technical overview of IRL Backpacks (livestream setup with LiveU solo) and how they work with Psynaps for live streaming to any platform using OBS software.

I recommend Psynap’s Cloud Streaming Server vs running it yourself… it will save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

Table of Contents
The Parts:
LiveU Broadcast Path:
Psynaps Website:
Psynaps Dashboard:
Alerts and Chat:

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9 thoughts on “Cloud Streaming Server: IRL Backpack + Psynaps (Technical Overview)

  1. все еще качество на уровне смартфона с 5g разве что стрим так часто не отваливается

  2. Hey CJay, cool video man! I like your style, and I will definitely be tuning in to your streams after seeing this!

    Quick question, you mentioned streaming to a Psynaps server close to your LiveU Solo's server. Are there servers for the LiveU and the Psynaps worldwide? So if I go to Russia or India, I have the choice of picking close enough servers for both those technologies, that can let me stream there?

  3. There's a lot of information in this video so I realize it might be difficult to follow if you're just getting into IRL streaming — but hopefully people find the information valuable! If you have any questions you can also join me on and ask any questions in the general discussion chat room!

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