Cloudways Hosting Review 2020 With Pros & Cons | Best Cloud Hosting Provider? | Black Friday Deals

Cloudways Hosting Review 2020 With Pros & Cons | Best Cloud Hosting Provider? | Black Friday Deals

In this video, I have shared an Unbiased Cloudways Hosting Review 2020 with Pros & Cons. Is it the best Cloud hosting provider? Check out in this video.

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Table Of Content :

Intro: 00:00

Speed: 01:27

Pricing: 02:05

Customer Support: 03:44

Security: 04:31

Customer Reviews: 05:19

Pros & Cons: 06:32

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Cloudways is a Managed cloud hosting provider that offers the best cloud hosting experience at an affordable price from the top cloud hosting providers Like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean Etc.

Cloudways has partnered with top cloud hosting providers like โ€“ Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr. Unlike other hosting providers, there is no yearly plan in Cloudways. You can either choose a monthly or hourly plan. The lowest monthly plan starts from $10/month whereas the lowest hourly plan starts from $0.0139/hr.

One of the best parts of Cloudways hosting is their โ€œpay-as-you-goโ€ pricing model which means you have a pay monthly & if you are not happy with their service, you can cancel your account.

Cloudways Pricing

You can choose your cloud hosting plan from any of the five different partners โ€“ Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS & Google Cloud.

The starting plan is $10/month under the Digital Ocean. If your site traffic increases then you can easily upgrade your plan.

All the Cloudways hosting plans include 24/7 support, Free SSL (Lets Encrypt), free website migration (only for 1 website, if you have more than one website, then you to pay or do it your self using Cloudways migrator plugin).

Cloudways Customer Support

Cloudways customer support is not as fast compared with other Hosting providers like WPX & Kinsta. In most cases, Cloudways replies to me around 10 mins which is fine for more.


In terms of security, Cloudways offers many security features to protect you from bots & hackers. They have dedicated firewalls that filter out malicious traffic.

For bot protection on WordPress websites, they have partnered with Malware which will block malicious bots, brute force login attacks & from DOS attacks.

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  1. Thanks for this awesome review about Cloudways hosting reivew. You have explained everything about cloudways in detail. I have sign up for Cloudways with 3 days free trial… thnx once agn.

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