Cloudways Hosting Review: How It Works

Cloudways Hosting Review: How It Works

In this review, we’re looking at how Cloudways Hosting works. We’re looking at virtual private servers (VPS), how it differs from regular shared hosting and why you should care. Then, we take a look inside my Cloudways account to show you how it works and some things you need to know if you are thinking about switching to Cloudways for your WordPress hosting.

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2 thoughts on “Cloudways Hosting Review: How It Works

  1. I tried signing up and starting a free trial with Cloudways. But unfortunately, they requested that I disclose private information due to security reasons and that's a major deal breaker. It might be a great service, but I will have to pass as I am not willing to deal with these unnecessary hurdles.

  2. Was about to jump on WPX until I watched your video, Thanks for the review . I'm still stuck on the email server issue though, would be good to know how to config properly, when wanting emails to come from my sites domain name/and configuring with Gmail / Google Drive etc. Don't want any tech issues as I'm starting new site very shortly – and need a new host.

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