Cloudways Review - Faster Websites For A Fraction Of The Cost? [2020]

Cloudways Review – Faster Websites For A Fraction Of The Cost? [2020]

In this Cloudways review, I’ll be taking a look at their web hosting reselling business and checking how much value they bring to the table.
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Cloudways is reselling virtual private servers from the most reputable providers in the business. But in an exchange for setting up and upkeeping your server Cloudways charges double the price. In this Cloudways review, I’ll be going over just how much value they can bring to the table and answering the question – is Cloudways worth it?

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Cloudways Business Model
02:10 – Pricing
04:16 – Control Panel & Features
06:30 – Performance
08:00 – Downsides
10:55 – Support
12:45 – Recommendation

Cloudways has taken quite a different approach to web hosting. Instead of having web hosting servers and infrastructure themselves. They simply rent everything and provide users with a beginner-friendly and easy to manage method of hosting their websites. Offering quite an improvement in performance for a fraction of the cost. As I prepared for this Cloudways review, did performance tests, interacted with the support I definitely found that this approach allows Cloudways to do very well, while others….left to be desired.
Cloudways advertise monthly prices on their homepage. But the pricing system is a bit more complex. You actually build up your bill as you go, the more applications or websites you host, the more it’s going to cost. The more features you activate, the more it’s going to cost. The more space and bandwidth you use up…you guessed it, the more it’s going to cost.

On the bright side, you’re never overpaying while using Cloudways. because they charge you ONLY for the resources that you’re actually using. So even if you have a really powerful server, that you don’t utilize to capacity you won’t be charged extreme amounts.


The main advantage of Cloudways is the control panel. It provides you with an easy to use tool when managing your virtual private servers. And it boasts quite an impressive amount of features. For example, you can install all of the most popular content management systems like WordPress or Drupal. You get access to professional email services at an extra cost, you get free SSL certificates for the domains you connect. And creating new applications or servers is extremely easy.

During this cloudways review, I noticed that it’s the EASIEST way of managing your virtual private server that I have seen while working with web hosting.

Okay while this is a Cloudways review, they don’t actually own any of the servers. So, the performance is entirely dependant on their supplier and which web hosting provider you choose. For this review I went with VULTR and the performance was spectacular. The best I’ve seen this year and by paying $8 a month I was able to get a faster website than $20 or $30 shared web hosting plans.

If you’re looking for performance and speed VPS or Cloud Hosting is definitely the way to go and Cloudways will work spectacularly well.

While the performance is great, the pricing is awesome and the service itself is really enjoyable. The people behind Cloudways like to do a lot of shady and spammy marketing. I believe that the product they have is good enough and they don’t need this. But it is what it is.

Cloudways does a lot of marketing campaigns on forums, Reddit, and Facebook groups where they pretend to be customers and influence people to buy. At the same time, they do quite aggressive email marketing campaigns. And the support that they offer isn’t the best. They weren’t able to consult me on the problem I had in the video and it felt like at least in this Cloudways review video they simply wanted to get rid of me.

Cloudways pricing and performance ratio is just too good to pass up. Even though I don’t stand behind the people that run the company, I enjoy the service. I believe it’s an excellent web hosting choice for anyone looking for fast/stable/easy to use solution.

I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

22 thoughts on “Cloudways Review – Faster Websites For A Fraction Of The Cost? [2020]

  1. As one of the viewers pointed out, I've made a mistake saying that "If you Use Less – You Pay Less". Technically, that's correct but the price can never go below the minimum price you've signed up for.
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  2. Love the video! New to your channel and just subscribed. Thank you 🙏🏽

  3. Hmm.. I get your point of the bad support, but I use Cloudways now for a couple of years and the problem of waiting on a agent has been for just a few times. Most of my (complex) questions always be answered pretty quickly. About the chatrobot.. yeah I hate that thing, but after just two times you know the quick route to talk to a agent within two clicks. Not that bad as I would suggest. Their support is one of the main reasons why I joined them.

  4. I wrote to Cloudways, and they told me that.. you don't pay less than 10 $ us in Digital Ocean or VULTR with 11 $ us for what you consume, that is the minimum price and you consume all the resources or you did not, the pay is complete the 10 in digital ocean or 11 $us in VULTR

  5. I happily use Cloudways – and yes, if you want to livechat to the support, you need to get around the useless chatbot. But I never waited longer than 5 mins. until I had a real technician in the line. And they solved all my problems within minutes.
    Could I use DO, AWS or Google directly – sure. But what you didn't mention in you video is, that the guy's at Cloudways also manage all your server installations. Most other VPS come with absolutely no patching or updating your server OS/Apache/PHP/MariaDB, ect… The guys at Cloudways manage your server installations, and you do not have to spend a single minute on updates. Also the interface of the Cloudways platform is really well done. You can run backups as often as you want, you can clone servers, installations and stage you projects within a click. And getting rid of all that hassle, while actually winning back time, is it worth for me. Before, I was hosting my projects at another VPS provider, that provided me the same hardware specs but zero server-management. And they didn't even provide a live chat, and if you mailed to them, you where lucky to get an answer within 24 hours… All they sold was a static IP and SSH.

  6. "Worst instance of support from a company in 2020." …. Guess you've never encountered Inmotion Hosting, huh?

    ► Cloudways 40% OFF for 4 months ➜
    The deal has a limited shelf life, best time to grab a discount if you're thinking of going with Cloudways 🙂

  8. Amazing video as always….
    Should I go with vultr basic plan from cloudways Or Hostinger's basic cloud hosting plan?
    Is hostinger's cloud hosting starter plan really good? I mean in terms of speed, support, scalability, it's performance, traffic capacity and are the available resources great ?

  9. Really appreciate your honestly, Emit. That kind of support is a non-starter for me…. even though there are many positives.

  10. Thank you for this unbiased review of Cloudways! Your content is very good. I've literally just read the reddit post you showed in the video. Spent an entire day looking for a better alternative to Siteground's shared hosting, to start a blog. Finally decided to go with Cloudways, even after reading how bad their support is. Just like you said, it looks like the benefits that the platform provides outweigh the downsides. Got a nice 30$ coupon as well from WOBLOGGER. Nothing to lose. Which CDN would be a good pick to pair with their hosting? Cloudways CDN? BunnyCDN? Bunny seems to be the cheapest. If you do read the comment, thank you for taking the time to read!

  11. @Emit.Reviews  i plan to run about 30-40 SIMPLE personal websites (About maybe 5 or less pages per website for 30 to 40 different people). what cloudway plan do you recommend? im looking at cloudway digital ocean. but not sure if how much RAM and Core processor is correct. kindly share your idea. it will help me alot. I'm a new subscriber. Thank you

  12. Great review, thanks.

    For those of you who are "typical website designers," there are two things you need to know about Cloudways:

    1. You will have problems that require help from tech support.

    2. Your experience with tech support will leave you confused, angry, and unhappy…almost guaranteed.

    I say this based on two separate times I signed up with Cloudways and used Cloudways for a month each time before leaving. And getting away from Cloudways each time was a great relief.

    One thing I'll give them credit for is that they refunded the $ I had pre-paid.

  13. Great videos! Liked and subscribed. Your videos are super high quality even on my 55” 4K tv. I was wondering if you could share a picture of your ‘studio’ setup (like lighting placement, camera placement, audio setup, etc). Also, how do you get such a clean chroma key (green screen) background? I manage a YT channel for my work (including the filming/editing & we recently broke 1,100 subs), so any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  14. Try contabo vps they offer very cheap vps with better specs then any other vps ! and Pls make a video on it !

  15. You should check out Hetzner. They have a "cloud" solution where they sell one of the cheapest VPSs I have found. It's good quality too!

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