Cloudways Tutorial - Beyond The Basics - Backups, Clone Site, SSL & More

Cloudways Tutorial – Beyond The Basics – Backups, Clone Site, SSL & More

Learn how to take advantage of all the main tools in this Cloudways Tutorial that takes you beyond the initial setup and shows you how to use the following tools:

1. Free SSL Certificate
2. Back-Up and Restore Tools
3. Clone Site
4. Staging Sites
5. Cloudways CDN
6. Breeze Caching Plugin for WordPress.

Learn how to get the most out of your Cloudways hosting account with this beyond the basics tutorial.

► PART 1 – Cloudways Tutorial & How To Install WordPress ◄


Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!



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14 thoughts on “Cloudways Tutorial – Beyond The Basics – Backups, Clone Site, SSL & More

  1. Hey Paul, I am in a slightly confused mind. I had an issue with pushing to Live Site lately and this made me realise something.

    When i make changes to my SEO on Staging (SEOPress) I notice this carries over (Then the issue of Google crawling etc) but in the regards of lets say Wordfence, I dont want this on Staging so remove it, but, now when I remove it and push to live I end up with no Wordfence on Live site.

    I assume at this point that the options for Web App and/or Database is where I have the incremental control over the full overwrite control. Could you ex[plain this in more details for a newb please? Thanks in advance.

  2. To have preinstalled staging setups with all your plugins registered etc, which you said you can just leave them there, how they take up storage space, so would you think 5 WP instances running a mix of Divi, Elementor and Oxygen and some staging setups would use?

  3. I was expecting a little bit more tutorial to make the CloudwaysCDN with WordPress Integration and NOT just showing activation on the cloudways server side

  4. Nice tutorial series, thanks. But some of the info about Staging is misleading. Cloudways Staging does NOT push/pull ONLY the CHANGES, despite claiming that directly in the UI. Rather, it OVERWRITES THE ENTIRE DATABASE, so any changes to the site since the clone are entirely LOST. Think: new posts, user comments, form submissions, orders, settings changes. etc. This article on Cloudways — A WordPress Staging Environment That Users Love to Use! ( — says "Once you are done with the changes on the WP staging site and are confident enough to push changes to the live website, just tap the Push button … This will overwrite the Live website database. (BE CAREFUL – You may lose important data if you have made database-level changes at the live website during this time frame)". And, in the article comments, the author clarifies: "There are two ways to take a site live from staging. 1. Note down changes you are working on and then implement them on a live site. 2. If the changes are not traceable, or a big change. You can build a site on staging then making it a live site by domain pointing etc.".

  5. I start using cloudways with no knowledge about hosting at all. It’s easy to use.
    However, it is so expensive compared to the shares hosting that i also use at the time.

    I try to find the solution for all the things i have when i use cloudways.

    Backup ,Staging ,SSL, Server monitor, Application management, All the server setting that you have to do when your plugin don’t work like it should, Create and manage sftp by yourself , demo domains name on the go.

    I stop thinking too much and work harder so i can afford them. Lol

  6. hey! thanks for a great video. have such a question, what's the difference between cloudways & cloudflare? thanks in advanced

  7. The thing to note is that, if you have many apps on the server, issuing SSL's will become pita. You would need to restart Nginx in order for SSL to work. Also, if you plan on using Varnish, don't.

  8. Great video Paul! 😊 Been a Cloudways user for a while and love them! Also – what software do you use for your tutorials? Love how it zooms in and highlights the things you are talking about! Thanks! 😊

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