Cloudways Tutorial (Setup In 19 Minutes!) WordPress, Migration, Domain, SSL, SMTP, Caching & CDN

Cloudways Tutorial (Setup In 19 Minutes!) WordPress, Migration, Domain, SSL, SMTP, Caching & CDN

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In this Cloudways tutorial, we start from scratch and setup WordPress. Then we show how to migrate an existing WordPress site over to Cloudways. Including transfer of the domain and setting up SSL. I’ll even show how to get free SMTP emails, and optimize performance with Redis & Cloudflare.

As mentioned in the video, the blog post with full redis details are here:

0:00 Cloudways Setup introduction
0:55 Cloudways free trial setup
1:19 Cloudways server setup
2:25 WordPress in Cloudways
2:59 Transfer a WordPress site to Cloudways (Migration to Cloudways)
5:26 Domain Transfer, Cloudways DNS Setup
7:59 Adding domain to Cloudways
8:29 SSL in Cloudways
10:51 Cloudways SMTP (Free Method)
12:09 Performance Tweaks
13:04 Cloudways Redis Object Cache Setup
15:01 Cloudflare page caching
17:43 Options for Email boxes when using Cloudways
19:11 Conclusions + Other method for using Vultr HF

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10 thoughts on “Cloudways Tutorial (Setup In 19 Minutes!) WordPress, Migration, Domain, SSL, SMTP, Caching & CDN

  1. I must admit, this video helped me to switch from Hostgator to Cloudways. I'm still a newbie and some configurations were different in Cloudflare than what I saw on the screen in this tutorial. But it did help tremendously. Thanks for spending your time making the video. I am all set up and the hosting is 100% faster.

  2. Hey, Alex. Just want to thank you for your terrific tutorial video. I especially appreciated some of the performance tweaks you presented to improve performance on the Cloudways server. Also, the free Send In Blue option to get started with an Email service. What I don't quite understand is the difference between having an in-house Email address (with which your site can be contacted directly by people and perhaps provided by Rackspace)… and one that you would need for marketing purposes and using an email marketing tool like Send In Blue. Should you ever decide to provide a tutorial on how to set up these two different email platforms inside a WordPress platform (perhaps with Send In Blue and Clooudways integration), please send me a link to your PayPal account and I will make a fair contribution (there really is no such thing as a free lunch, and the workman is worthy of his hire – Luke 10:7).

  3. Hey, amazing video first of all 🙂 if I have wp rocket and Cloudflare what does make more sense to install in terms of speed? the wp rocket plugin or the Cloudflare plugin
    Thank you 🙏

  4. Hello Alex, I am very interested in a tutorial on integrating ZOHOmail into cloudways. Thank you for your wonderful work

  5. just found your channel. I am currently just getting started on cloudwys so this is very useful for me. your Vultr video was also amazing. Please keep this content coming. New Sub !!

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