Cloudways vs Runcloud Review - Level Up Your Wordpress Hosting In 2020

Cloudways vs Runcloud Review – Level Up Your WordPress Hosting In 2020

After using Cloudways for over 2 1/2 years, I thought I test out Runcloud and see if there was opportunity to save some dough considering the pricing makes a lot of sense if you have multiple servers. In the video I share the one key feature I look for in any managed solution – backups, and show you how not all backups are created the same.

Do you have a WordPress site and want to test out Cloudways?

Use the link below and get $15 credit on Cloudways, should be good to spin up a Digital Ocean instance that costs $10 for a month.

In three steps and less than an hour you can see for yourself how your very own website will perform.

1) Sign up with this link for $15 credit
(Cloudways Coupon/Discount on sign up)
2) Set up a fresh WordPress website in Cloudways
3) Login to your WordPress and use the Cloudways Migrate plugin

Check your Fresh Cloudways WordPress URL and test out your site, if all looks good you can update the Domain, if not you can delete the account!

Note: I was not paid to make this video! If you do find the videos helpful and follow the links provided, it is safe to assume that I might be using an affiliate program if one is available.

3 thoughts on “Cloudways vs Runcloud Review – Level Up Your WordPress Hosting In 2020

  1. Great video. Have been interested in runcloud, but your video was very informative. Actually have not utilized the cloudways backups before. Will research. thx

  2. Very good review. I agree, the Backups look weird. The restrictions on the Free plan seem weird too, but that's no longer offered anyway. I've been looking at Cloudways too, and there's a lot of love for them, but they’ve also been banned from reddit’s Webhosting group.

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