Cloudways WordPress Migration Plugin (Free)

Cloudways WordPress Migration Plugin (Free)

Migrating WordPress websites to Cloudways’ optimized Cloud Hosting servers is now easy. You can manually migrate as many WordPress sites for free on Cloudways servers. For complete instructions read this KB:

Just install this plugin: on your site you want to migrate and then enter the Cloudways server details and hit migrate.

Wait a bit and your migration will be done. All you need to do next is to point your domain to Cloudways servers and Voila! your site will be live.

For more information read this post here:

3 thoughts on “Cloudways WordPress Migration Plugin (Free)

  1. I am not a technical person and it's my first time to migrate websites after 5 years of blogging. I managed to do it hassle-free using this video alone. I created the step by step here. I hope it helps!

  2. I came here to learn. Why did you have to rush me thru everything. I Missed all important things.
    Why no voice, is no one aboard able to be understood?
    If you speak slowly & take your time and you will be understood!
    Please Respect your listener!

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