COMPARISON: DigitalOcean VPS vs Regular Web Hosting

COMPARISON: DigitalOcean VPS vs Regular Web Hosting

A comparison of DigitalOcean VPS and Regular Web Hosting Services. Find out what kind of service you need for your purposes.

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4 thoughts on “COMPARISON: DigitalOcean VPS vs Regular Web Hosting

  1. Hey Chris,
    I am not tech savvy to handle server hassle, so that's why I am not going to buy digitalocean hosting.
    Can you please recommend me any one of these hosting providers Cloudways or Hostgator who offer a complete peace of mind environment to my website.

  2. Im a total newbie who doesn't know shit about those and is freaking out after looking at those codes. How should I learn how to understand all it ? Im hoping to use cloud ways eventually

  3. DigitalOcean imo is suitable for all types of usages. They've proven themselves to be a pretty reliable, proven further by the strong community behond DO. If anyone is looking to get started with DO, I'd recommend you to give them a try through They are currently running a black friday deal offering $150 off hosting credits!

  4. This is glorious, I have been researching "site web hosting service provider" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Riyackenzie Hosting Highlighter – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got great success with it.

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