5 thoughts on “Connecting IoT Powered by ESP8266 to the Cloud with MQTT

  1. hi, nice video and great work done.can you please guide how to compile and build the firmware from your git file.

  2. Hi, I have another question please. Can anyone please help on how to install Mosquitto (or any other MQTT service) on 64 bit PC with Windows 8 or 10 ? I have tried the Windows 7 method available on the Internet, but it does not work on 64 bit PC with Windows 8. Thanks.

  3. Hi, nice video. Thanks.
    Further can you suggest a resource where I can lean MQTT-SN ?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. A simple way to configure and connect IoT powered by ESP8266 to MQTT broker in the cloud with the open source project ESP8266-jadja. The video demonstrates the three required steps to get things working on open source hardware ESP8266 from @OLIMEX, Samsung Z1 with @Tizen and a Linux container, hosted by @Kyup 

    For more details please check:


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