Crazy Siteground Sale | 3 Months Of Web Hosting For Just 99 Cents 🔥💥🙌🏻

Crazy Siteground Sale | 3 Months Of Web Hosting For Just 99 Cents

Since a lot of people are at home, Siteground came with a beautiful gesture towards us. You can get webhosting for 3 months for just 99 cents. Just to see if having a website is a good fit for you without taking a big risk.

If you also want to get a domainname you pay $ 15.- per year. So for just $ 16.- you can have a website up and running for 3 months! That is crazy cheap! In this video I show you how to get hold of the deal!

8 thoughts on “Crazy Siteground Sale | 3 Months Of Web Hosting For Just 99 Cents

  1. Ferdy and all other wordpress guys on youtube, which webhosting do you use and why? how do I do if clients are in both Europe and US?

  2. Post as well that they are restricting support by removing all live chat and tickets support to users who use their support more than avreage 3 times per month. They're restricting everything to users and allowing only service if your site or server is down. You didn't get the memo yet? Bad news for those recommending this poor new policy company for beginners

  3. Sup Ferdy! I'd made a recent visit to the Siteground homepage. Unfortunately, the offer may have expired as the pricing shown seems to be the regular pricing.

    Quite unfortunate but man, the discounted pricing was phenomenal.. 😅

  4. Hi, Ferdy! Thank you for all your help with the Tutorials. I have moved my blog to Siteground for good and Elementor, only because of you! I am having a problem now that I moved to SIteground, as I imported the data from the website back up, but only one part is showing up, and I am afraid I have lost most of my content 🙁 What can I do, please?

  5. Hi,
    I want to design a website by using this offer and after it, i want to transfer a website with same domain name on a new hosting.
    Is it possible, if possible then tell me how is it possible.
    Be waited

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