Creating Private Nameservers at - HOSTIMUL

Creating Private Nameservers at – HOSTIMUL

This demo assumes you have a domain name registered through, and starts from their home page. Click Login to sign in to your account. Enter your domain name and password, then click Login. Then click the “Manage Domain” button. Click the ” Create Subdomain” link.

Creating private nameservers at is a bit different than most domain registrars. First, we must create two subdomains off of the domain we’re creating nameservers for. Enter the first nameserver you want to create. Then click “Create Subdomain”.

Repeat the process to create a subdomain for the second nameserver. Now click “Manage Subdomains”.

The next step is to point the two subdomains we just created to each of th etwo IP addresses you want associated with them.

Click “Edit DNS Settings” for the subdomain. Under A records (IP addresses), choose “Other IP address”. Then enter the IP adress, and click “Save”. Click “Yes” to confirm. Repeat thge steps to assign an IP address to the second nameserver.

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