Customer Configuration, TAX + Sitemap in Magento 2 - Ep05 Let's build series

Customer Configuration, TAX + Sitemap in Magento 2 – Ep05 Let's build series


And in todays episode, I’ll be revisiting Customer Configuration, XML Sitemap in Magento 2 – As well as Tax Rules and Rates.

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20 thoughts on “Customer Configuration, TAX + Sitemap in Magento 2 – Ep05 Let's build series

  1. Hi all. Sorry about the audio, I know it's a little bit quiet. I'll try and have it levelled out properly in next week's episode.

  2. Hi! I got an "Please make sure that "/sitemap/" is writable by the web-server." error when generating or saving the new sitemap. how to fix? (p.s. im fairly new to the whole mysql/php/magento thing)

  3. Hi, thanks for your video. Do you know why my tax says "Your current tax configuration may result in rounding errors.

    Store(s) affected: Main Website (Danish), Admin (Admin), Main Website (English)"
    I have tried a lot of solutions now so maybe its ok and can "ignore this notification"
    but my "As Low as" prices do not show the correct price.  maybe is has something to do with my taxes? thanks

  4. Hello Craig,
    Ive being following your videos. They are lifesavers.
    I began configuring the server from scratch, but now im having issues when im trying to create the sitemaps. In the backend Magento shows me "Please make sure that "/" is writable by the web-server." when i try to write the path to the sitemap.
    Ive tryed with /pub/ as other person mention earlier, but either work.
    Can you help us with this one?
    (As you did with the whole rest ;D)
    Thanks again man 👏

  5. Hi Craig, Thanks for this great tutorials, i have been following for a little while now however i want to build a multi-vendor even though i will also have a major store on it as well. Whats your advise for a magento multivendor website? can i still follow this process or do you have any other resources to help guide me properly? Thanks again

  6. Hi Craig,
    When creating the sitemap I got a permission error. ( How do I fix this permission issue? I have follow your direction on ( to build my Magento. Everything is working fine except for now. I'm new to all this and I'm not familiar with ssh, please help me out. Thanks

  7. Hi Craig,
    Great videos! Never took the time before to get into Magento, until now! Thank you! I'd also like a video about the tax rules. I'm working on a shop for myself which sells products in both a higher and lower tax rate. And those rates differ per country (I currently sell to two countries). So like to learn more. Thanks in advance!

  8. Hello,

    I have a question about the taxes? I sell products with taxes including on the front of the storeview. But on the checkout payment I would like to split the basis and the taxes on the checkout. But when i want to checkout it do not always want to split the basic amount and the taxes (21%). like example 100 € taxes included (front vieuw shop) and on the checkout is the basis price = 82.644 € and taxes 21% = 17.35€ = total = 100 €. My problem is that every time he always recalculates 21% taxes on the checkout and count 121€ instead of 100€ (checkout). I use Magento 2 vesion 2.1.16. In de product catalog every product pice is taxes including. Thanks for your reply and your hulp, regards Yang

  9. hey man i need to configure vertex ?
    how can i do
    i am learning from you too much
    thanks alot
    regards from egypt

  10. Hi Craig, I'm also interested in a video about tax rules. We sell both kids clothes and adult so we need to have both 5 and 20%. We mainly sell to the UK but we also have some sales outside of EU. Thank you in advance.

  11. I would be interested in a video about Tax rates and rules. I sell kids clothing that is zero rated as well as full tax items

  12. Hi Craig,
    When I click on the link to the generated sitemap link I get this

  13. Hi Craig, setting up the sitemap file to the root path didn't work for me, it gave a 404 error. I solved it by changing the path to /pub/ 🙂

  14. Hi Graig, When you created a new tax rate for Ireland you forgot to change the default country setting UK to Ireland 😉

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