Data Modeling with MongoDB

Data Modeling with MongoDB

Good news everyone! MongoDB provides an extremely flexible document model for your use. At the same time the data model you design can seriously speed up or slow down your application. For example, an RDBMS approach to an IoT data storage will significantly slow down the application when used with a document model. This means that with great data modeling flexibility comes even greater responsibility. What are the the best practices for data modeling that leverage MongoDB’s flexible Document Model to best support your application through its development? Wonder no more! In this talk we will examine the most important considerations when making decisions about your data model.

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5 thoughts on “Data Modeling with MongoDB

  1. Im sorry but i disagree with some of the RDMS bashing that noSQL seams to be putting forward as propaganda vs reality

  2. its would be greater if you guys provide the slides along with all the lessons as well. I really want to print it out as a cheatsheet.

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