20 thoughts on “DEMO: Gator Website Builder from HostGator

  1. Biggest and best scammers ever, DON"T USE HOSTGATOR. Their support is crap and their emails are NO reply. They say the domain name is free, but charge 17.99 if you are not happy with the service and you have lost your domain name for life

  2. Thanks for this video, I’m gonna migrate to HostGator but before I do I’m trying to find something out……..will I be able to use a domain name registered at godaddy, link it to HostGator hosting via Nameservers and use that domain name for the site I create with HostGator website builder?… thank you very much in advance

  3. I watch a bunch of these videos but I still feel retarded. I can read a chart and make you a million dollars in a year from $1,000, I can shoot a human sized target at 500 yards with iron sights, I can shoot a 105mph slapshot, and drive like a professional but no matter how hard I try to do a website I get overwhelmed and frustrated af.

  4. Thank you for this video. It's very informative.
    I've noticed that you didn't edit or delete the logo image. Please could you produce another video to demonstrate how?
    Also, can I use Gator WB to build a UK based online store?

  5. What if I don’t want to use a pre-existing template? How hard is it to make a plain black background and start putting in my own clip art and photos?

  6. Don't go for hostgator guys, SWEAR they will let you down many times as here
    Most of guys there are indians,.. they won't get your issue that clear.. they will screw your website again and again as they did to me
    there are many alternatives .. just dig deeper
    A sincere advice!

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