14 thoughts on “Deploy a ReactJS app to the AWS Amplify Console

  1. if you have different mirco apps in one repo, can you trigger build for each micro app, for example we have a folder contains several other apps, each one othem is an independent app, I want to build them individually, is that possible?

  2. when i follow this accordingly and go git push origin paster everything falls apart and i get src error could not commit changes

  3. what if, in your github repo, the react-app folder is a subfolder? (I wanted to include other elements in my Github repo for the same project – such as the db builder I made). Currently having problems where, after deployment on Amplify, loading the webpage gives error 502, lambda function tried to edit a read-only header.

  4. 0:06,create-react-app react-amplify-app
    0:20,cd react-amplify-app
    0:22,git init
    0:53,git remote add origin [email protected]:dabit3/react-amplify-app.git
    0:56,git push origin master
    2:40,git status
    2:44,git add.
    2:45,git commit -m 'updated headline'
    2:55,git push origin master

  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing this, this thing saved my entire day. took me just 2 minutes to deploy my app. You are a lifesaver bro 🙂

  6. Jesus! I spent so many months learning EBS, S3 CDN's, Load balancers, EC2, DO etc and now we have this and serverless lambda and Mongo Atlas free plan. LOL

  7. How does AWS Amplify work for Dynamic Web Pages? Specifically ones that fetch data from databases such as Firebase

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